BOX 055: Sov Front Arty Reserve

BOX 055 : Soviet Front-level Artillery Reserve (May 2015)

Soviet Front-level Artillery (May 2015)2015

Soviet divisional artillery Feb 2017Feb 2017

Commander in lend-lease Dodge command car, lend-lease Dodge signals van, artillery commander, 3 FOOs, FOO in lend-lease Jeep

6 120mm mortars, 4 STZ-3 tractors, 4 STZ-5 tractors (Universal Carrier conversions), 76mm regimental gun M1927 and Zis-5 truck (diecast conversion)

203mm Howitzer (very sketchy Long Tom conversion) and Voroshilovyets tractor (diecast stand-in)

2 152 mm Howitzer ML-20  and 2 Voroshilovyets tractors (diecast stand-ins)

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