BOX 053: Sov Army + Front Reserves

 Jan 2018

The army and front reserves have moved in, as the rifle divisions move west to Box 053.

Box 053 Base Jan 2018 - Soviet Front and Army Reserves

Aug 2017

The Guard Rifle division and Naval Division have both moved to Box 054 and slimmed further in Orbat

NQM Soviet Guards Division Aug 2017

Orbat August 6, 1942: 37, 38, 39, 40 and 41 Guards Rifle divisions, 18 tank corps (Dec 1942) My “Army” is much smaller – a two divisions in fact.

Army commander in captured Schwimmwagen,  artillery commander, commisar, 82mm mortar,

6 Rifle battalions – Commander, MMG, 3 rifles

Katyusha BM-13, 120mm mortar, 76mm ZiS-3 divisional gun, 2 two-horse limbers, 45mm anti-tank gun with one-horse limber, anti tank rifle, MMG

Field hospital, two-horse wagon, 2 pioneer bases

The new 25x50mm (s3) stands can be seen in the guards division, whereas the old 5-base stands can be seen in the naval division below:

Soviet Naval Division Aug 2017


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