BOX 042: Sov Tk +VVS Res

BOX 042: Sov Tank Reserve +VVS Reserve

 (August 2015)

This Box is a repository for reserves and is hardly ever up-to-date

Box 042 Top

042 Top: VVS Reserve

Orbat: Night bomber division, Fighter division, Sturmovik division

2 Po-2 (die-cast  Curtis  stand-ins) commanded by Col Bigglevski

3 LaGG-3, captured Zero!

3 IL-1 Sturmovik

 6 ground crew

Box 042 Base. Soviet Tank Reserve

042 Base: Tank Reserve



Char 2c (Stand-in for  a T-35!)

2 T-35

Tatra diecast Truck + 85mm AA gun M1939 52-K

3 Renault FT-17

3 Renault Truck

Quad AA Maxim

2 BA-10

4 Katyusha reload markers


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