04 – Order of Battle, Command, Control



Units are either TEETH ARM (Armour, Infantry, Cavalry), SUPPORTING ARM (Air, Artillery, Anti-Air, Anti-tank, Engineer) or LOGISTIC (Transport, Logistic, Maintenance, Medical, Provost).

The Order of Battle (Orbat) must state if supporting and logistic units are UNDER COMMAND, IN DIRECT SUPPORT, or IN SUPPORT, of teeth arm units.

  • UNDER COMMAND: The supporting unit is commanded and receives its ammo resupply from the commanding unit. No other unit has a call on the supporting unit. Regimental artillery also normally falls into this category.

  • IN DIRECT SUPPORT: This term usually applies to artillery. The supporting unit is allocated exclusively to the supported unit, and experiences no command reaction delay when bringing down fire – it comes in the move that it is asked for. The supporting unit may only support other units by order of its own superior HQ. In practice this means divisional HQ for divisional artillery. The supporting unit receives its ammunition from its own chain of supply, not that of the unit that it is supporting.

  • IN SUPPORT: The supporting unit is allocated to one or more units, and comes in the hour after the one it is asked for. All units that are allocated units in support have equal call on them. The supporting unit administers itself, as per units in direct support.

10.5 leFH 18 FiB

A regular German le fH 10.5cm medium artillery battalion. The die shows that it has two morale steps left before becoming disorganised.


Written orders at the start of the Operation should cover Aim and Objectives. A clear map showing units and arrows to indicate axes of advance may suffice. See Command Reaction Table 3.


Every unit on the table must have a command HQ base that it reports to for orders. Changes to plan must suffer command reaction time – See the Command Reaction Table 3. Often a clear well-drawn orbat with annotations will cover all that is needed.

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