06 – Unit Grading

Fallschirmjager and tank bns Recce pl

The Fallschirmjaeger HQ (far right) shows 3SP and veteran status. The Recce base (left) is 1SP strong.


The following is a summary of qualities that a unit possesses. Show a unit’s grading with a [die] on the HQ base. These qualities appear below. A unit HQ must take a break test every time that the unit loses a base and a single test when 50% casualty markers are on the unit strength. An HQ will only ever take one break test per move :

  • Elite [5]: Only small units trained for a special role and kept out of the battle line for that occasion qualify as elite. Thus paras and commandos are veteran, not elite, but their pathfinder units may be elite. Brandenburgers are elite but Fallschirmjäger are veteran. Elite units never refuse combat, or disobey orders and will interpret orders intelligently. Independent elite single figure bases may be FOOs or recce. Elites are not disorganised in defence.

  • Veteran [4]: As regular, but with enough battle experience to know when to fight hard, and when to break off unfavourable attacks. When disorganised and attacked, Veterans will not surrender but will withdraw, or if surrounded, successfully break out in single base groups. Veterans pass on 3+ on 1D6.

  • Regular [3]: The majority of professional infantry with pre-war experience, and sound morale and training. Regulars can be upgraded to veteran status with the right experience. Regulars pass on 4+ on 1D6.

  • Conscript [2]: Drafted troops with sound basic training but moderate enthusiasm for war. With the right handling Conscripts can be upgraded to Regular status. Conscripts pass on 5+ on 1D6.

  • Militia or Home Guard [2]: Volunteers with more enthusiasm and political zeal than training. With the right handling, Militia can be upgraded to Regular. Some Waffen SS and most Luftwaffe divisions fall into this category. Militia pass on 5+ on 1D6.

  • Green Troops [1]: These are Conscript or Militia troops taking part in their first battle. Green troops pass on 6 on 1D6.


A Bergpanzer III recovery battalion and Sanitätspanzer I medical battalion can both remove disorganisation from units after combat

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