08 – Recce Sequence

Frontages * Column Depth
Company 300m 300m
Company in Defence 3-500m 300m
Battalion 1-2Km 2Km
Battalion in Defence 1-2Km 1Km
Brigade or Regiment 4-7Km 8Km
Division 10-15Km 24Km

Table 2.

*Use the lower limit in close terrain and the upper limit in open.

Tables 3 and 4 are no longer used



To make the recce sequence run even faster in the early part of the game, consider dispensing with the recce’s limit on movement, but only allow them to make ONE recce test per move. If the recce blunders into a hidden defender that it has not reconnoitered, it is ambushed and rolls at -1 to its normal modified score.

This sequence is used for reconnaissance bases or bases (recce) and others coming up against a concealed enemy.

The attacker rolls a Red 1D6, the defender rolls a a Blue 1D6. ROLL THEM BOTH AT ONCE. The recce can elect to look at a position likely to contain enemy, or the defender can shout STOP at a point where the recce is likely to be engaged, with any adjustment being made once the dice result is in the open. Advancing recce can only look at one area per hour (move). This has the effect of forcing them to adopt a slow low risk advance, or a fast high-risk one. For those who ask, “why does recce not get a bonus?”, their advantage is mobility. If you feel they are more skilled than infantry line troops, then upgrade their status accordingly.

Apply the following modifiers:

Elite +2, Veteran +1, Regular 0, conscript/militia -1, Green -2

Compare the scores. The Highest wins.

If the defender wins by +1, the attacker may remain in contact, +2 the attacker withdraws out of contact, every point over +2 places a casualty marker on the attacker.

If the attacker wins by +1, the defender lays out his minefields and outpost line, +2 his main defensive line as well, every point over +2 places a casualty marker on the defender.

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