12 – Winning the Firefight

Chris Kemp’s Not Quite Mechanised

Free .pdf copy of the guidelines for personal use.


Winning the Firefight is done after any preliminary bombardment leaves the objective. During each hour of fire, each stand can fire once, Use 1D6 for each CU being fired off. Distinguish by coloured dice between Light, Medium and Heavy CUs. Pick all your dice and roll them at once. If the target has different defensive types e.g. tanks and infantry, it is perfectly acceptable to decide that anti-tank guns will prioritise armour and infantry will prioritise infantry. It is therefore acceptable to roll dice in batches by intended target type. UMPIRE! Feel free to penalise unfairly players who make a meal out of rolling dice – life is too short!

Having won a firefight against other tanks, tanks just advance the correct distance, pushing the enemy tanks in front of them. Tanks do not take BREAK TESTS in this case.

The attacker fires off COMBAT UNITS of fire (CUs) as many times as is required to win the firefight or until he calls off the attack. The firefight is won when the attacker causes more casualties on the defender than he has received himself.

Having won the firefight he then close assaults if he is attacking a position, or simply pushes forward at the correct rate of advance in contact if engaging mobile troops, or troops not in a defended position.


Tanks close assault infantry or anti-tank positions by firing off CUs against them. If they win the firefight and roll into the positions the infantry have to take a break test, which they must pass to stay in position – even if they have previously passed break tests for casualties. Anti-tank units that are overrun are destroyed as the tank treads grind the guns into the mud!

If the infantry stay, and the tanks do not move off the position next move then the infantry may fight a close assault against the tanks with the infantry as the attackers and the tanks as defenders. Note that this is not the same as infantry attacking tanks in close country with fire as light targets, and only applies if the tanks have no supporting infantry of their own. In cases where a mixed infantry/tank force close assaults a position, place casualties on the attacking infantry first until none are left, then treat the battle as above for tanks alone.

Free .pdf copy of the guidelines for personal use.

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