18 – Combat Sequence Summary


  1. Decide which command base is commanding the attack. If it is e.g. a Brigade HQ then everything UNDER COMMAND and IN DIRECT SUPPORT can be used to support the attack. If IN SUPPORT bases are wanted for a task, then the HQ that has them UNDER COMMAND must agree to, or be ordered to release them and the appropriate COMMAND REACTION TIME penalty must be paid using Command Reaction Table 5.

  2. Run the RECCE SEQUENCE. This may also include any pre-attack artillery or air bombardment called down by the recce base. The recce may also mark the START LINE for the main body of troops leaving the line of march to shake out into attack formation. They do this by leaving a base or base at the start line. If they don’t there is a chance that the main body may deploy too late and be caught in march formation. Use the Recce Sequence Table 3. to determine the result.

  3. Run the Artillery Fire-plan, if there is one, before the main attack goes in, and if not already done as part of the recce sequence. Winning the Firefight Table 12. is used to determine casualties.

  4. Win the firefight. Winning the Firefight Table 12. is used to determine casualties.

  5. Positional attack only. Close assault the position. This can only be done after the firefight has been won.

  6. Push back the enemy if he is mobile, or occupy his position if static. The onus is on the defender to get out of the way of the attack! If he cannot do so for any reason, then the defender is overrun. Movement Rates Table 1. is used.

  7. Reorganise using the Post Combat Reorganisation sequence. Receive fresh orders, resupply with ammo and remove casualties. To successfully reorganise a unit, it must have an unwounded command base or base with it. During this stage, understrength bases may be amalgamated to form viable bases. Because each tank battalion base contains its own HQ, so is self ordered, there is never a problem regrouping tanks.

MOSCOW from the Southeast

A MOSCOW game about to start. This game occupied 4 players and an umpire for 5 hours. Note the high proportion of trucks, logistic and command vehicles present in proportion to tanks. This photograph is from an NQM DSO game not using squares

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