20 – Resupply and Orders of Battle

Artillery Ammunition

  • Divisional artillery FUs are contained within the DIV LOG. You can account for corps and army artillery separately by calibre, as artillery ammunition was a significant part of the logistic preparation for an attack, and few armies could sustain long bombardments without significant stockpiles being prepared.

Soviet 120mm mortar battery preparing for a preliminary bombardment of 12 fire units (FUs).


  • Resupply is effected by removing one DIV LOG from the divisional supply dump, and refilling each combat base in the division back up to its maximum carrying capacity. This can only be done overnight unless a battalion vehicle goes back to the divisional dump to collect the resupply directly.

  • Our quick and dirty house rule for modelling CSO resupply with a minimum of markers is for a battalion or battery to go out of supply if a 1 is rolled on 1D6 during firing, then come back into supply when a LOGISTIC base reaches the unit during reorganisation. Place an out of ammo marker on any affected battalion or battery HQ to show that it cannot fire.

N.B. Dice are not expended during close assault.

Orders of Battle

Orders of battle, battle reports and the 35 year-long eastern front campaign can all be found at :


21st Panzer Division - 2

21 Panzer at Corps Scale Orbat