8th Army at ALAMEIN Summary

This  orbat started as a direct reproduction of the Wiki Orbat :  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Battle_of_El_Alamein_order_of_battle

The frontage at 2nd ALAMEIN was ordered like this:

2nd Battle of El Alamein

2nd Battle of El Alamein

Formation signs were compiled by Peter Ghiringhelli, on his excellent website in the reference links. Where no brigade sign is shown, the brigade would have carried the parent divisional insignia. As knocked-out tanks were repaired and reallocated, it would not be unusual to see the “wrong” formation signs on tanks serving in a reinforced unit.


8th Army

  • Under direct Army Command
  • Army Troops


X Corps


1st Armoured Division

  • 2nd Armoured Brigade

7th Motor Bde

  • 7th Motor Brigade
  • Hammerforce (attached from 8th Armoured Division)
  • Minefield Task Force – 572nd and 573rd Field Companies RE


10th Armoured Division

8th Armd Bde

    • 8th Armoured Brigade

24th Army Tk Bde

  • 24th Armoured Brigade (attached from 8th Armoured Division). May have been as above, but more likely the “GO” 8th Armoured Division flash as further down.
  • 133rd Infantry Brigade (attached from 44th Infantry Division)
  • Minefield Task Force – 571st Field Company RE


8th Armoured Division

(all units stripped to reinforce other divisions)


XIII Corps


50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division

  • 1st Greek Infantry Brigade
  • 151st Infantry Brigade (attached to 2nd New Zealand Division 29 October to 3 November)
  • 69th Infantry Brigade
  • 2nd Free French Brigade Group (under command)


44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division

  • 131st Infantry Brigade
  • 132nd (Kent) Infantry Brigade
  • 133rd (Lorried) Infantry Brigade


7th Armoured Division

4th Lt Armd Bde

  • 4th Light Armoured Brigade


  • 22nd Armoured Brigade
  • 1st Free French Brigade Group (under command)


XXX Corps

9th Australian Infantry Division

9th Australian Division

  • Australian 24th Brigade
  • Australian 26th Brigade
  • Australian 20th Brigade


51st (Highland) Infantry Division

  • 152nd Infantry Brigade
  • 153rd Infantry Brigade
  • 154th Infantry Brigade


2nd New Zealand Division

  • New Zealand 5th Infantry Brigade
  • New Zealand 6th Infantry Brigade

9th Armd Bde

  • 9th Armoured Brigade

South African 1st Infantry Division

  • South African 1st Infantry Brigade
  • South African 2nd Infantry Brigade
  • South African 3rd Infantry Brigade


4th Indian Infantry Division

  • 5th Indian Infantry Brigade
  • 7th Indian Infantry Brigade
  • 161st Indian Infantry Brigade

Corps Reserve

23rd Armd Bde

  • 23rd Armoured Brigade