8th Army NQM FSO Orbat at ALAMEIN


8th Army Front Scale Orbat (FSO) for ALAMEIN – A brigade is represented by an S3 stand

Parts of the orbat that I do not intend to model are in light grey


8th Army

Lieutenant General Bernard Montgomery Comd staff car (C3), Tac HQ DAF (C3), CRA (C3)


Under direct Army Command

  • 1st Army Tank Brigade Brigadier Price (equipped with minesweeping Matilda tanks, allotted to XXX Corps for minefield clearance[1]) – HQ groups with HQ XXX Corps Matilda Scorpion (E3,Reg, Ha¹d)

    • 1. Heavy attack vs minefields only, Light against anything else.
  • 1st Armoured Brigade Brigadier G.N. Todd (reforming) 1 M3 Stuart, Grant or Crusader III? (C3,Reg,Mad)

3.7" AA and Matador FAT

  • 21st Indian Infantry Brigade Brigadier J.J. Purves (reforming; used for HQ protection, camouflage and guard duties[1]) HQ with 8th Army HQ

    • Infantry stand (F3,Reg, Lad)


Army Troops

  • 1st? Tank Delivery Regt Scammel Tank Transporter (L1,Reg,Ld)
  • 8th Army Signals Monty’s Caravan” Signals Truck (C1,Reg,Lad)



X Corps

Lieutenant-General Herbert Lumsden Comd staff car (C3,Reg,Lad), Ambulance (L3,Reg,Noncom,L), Sapper Base (E1,Reg,MaLd), Ammo/POL/Wksp Truck (L3,Reg,Ld),

  • X Corps Signals Signals Truck (C1,Reg,Ld)


1st Armoured Division

Major-General Raymond Briggs Comd Grant Tank (C3,Reg,Mad),  Workshop Truck (L3,Reg,Ld)

2nd Armoured Brigade

Brigadier Arthur Fisher Crusader II or Sherman (C3,Reg,Mad)

7th Motor Brigade

Brigadier Thomas J. Bosville Infantry stand with Carrier   + 6pdr Atk (F3,Reg,L/MaL)

Hammerforce (attached from 8th Armoured Division)
  • Marmon-Herrington III (R1,Vet,Lad)
  • Quad FAT + 25pdr (S1, Vet,MaLd)
  • Universal Carrier + 6pdr (F1,Vet,MaLd)


10th Armoured Division

Major-General Alexander Gatehouse Comd Dingo (C3,Reg,Lad), Motor Inf stand with Carrier/15cwt truck + 6pdr Atk (F3,Reg,MaL)

  • 3rd Field Squadron, Royal Engineers Sapper base (E1,Reg,MaLd)

  • 6th Fd Sqn, RE (att fm 8th Armd Div) 

  • 141st Fd Park Sqn, RE 

  • 10th Armoured Division Signals 

8th Armoured Brigade

Brigadier Edward C.N. Custance  Grant Tank (C3,Reg,Mad) 5 Crusaders, 57 Grants, 31 Sherman = 133 tanks (1 Crusader, 2 Grants , 1 Sherman)

24th Army Tk Bde
 24th Armoured Brigade (attached from 8th Armoured Division) 

Brigadier Arthur G. Kenchington Sherman Tank (C3,Reg,Mad)

2 Grants, 93 Shermans, 45 Crusaders = 140 tanks (1 Crusader, 3 Shermans)

133rd Infantry Brigade (attached from 44th Infantry Division)

Brigadier Alec W. Lee Dingo  Armd Car or Inf w rifles (C3,Reg,Lad)

  • 2nd Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment 

  • 4th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment 

  • 5th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment 

  • W Company, 1st Battalion, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers (machine gun) (att fm 8th Armd Div) 


8th Armoured Division

Major-General Charles Gairdner Comd staff car (C3), Ammo Truck (L3), POL Truck (L3), Ambulance (L3), Workshop Truck (L3) (This divisional HQ does not need to be modelled)

(all brigades stripped away from the division prior to the Second Battle of El Alamein)

23rd Armoured Brigade

24th Armoured Brigade

133rd Infantry Brigade

Support Units

8th Support Group
  • 6th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers (detached to 10th Armoured Division)

  • 9th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers (detached to 1st Armoured Division)

  • 145th Field Park Squadron, Royal Engineers

  • 8th Armoured Division Signals Signals truck (C3)


XIII Corps

Lieutenant-General Brian Horrocks Comd staff car (C3,Reg,Lad), Ammo/POL/Wksp Truck (L3,Reg,Ld), Ambulance (L3,Reg,Noncombatant)

Universal Carrier + 6pdr (S3,Reg,L/MaLd)

Morris Limber + 40mm Bofors AA (S3,Reg,Lad) (or portee)

Sapper base (E1,Reg,MaLd)

  • 4th/6th South African Armoured Car Regiment (one troop) 

  • 578th Army Field Company, Royal Engineers 

  • 576th Corps Fd Park Coy, RE

  • XIII Corps Signals


50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division

Major-General John Nichols Comd staff car (C3,Reg,Lad)

  • 2nd Bn, Cheshire Regiment (MG Bn) 

  • 233rd Field Company, Royal Engineers 

  • 505th Field Company, Royal Engineers 

  • 235th Fd Park Coy, RE

  • 50th Northumbrian Division Signals 

1st Greek Infantry Brigade

Colonel Pausanias Katsotas Comd in Jeep w rifles (C3,Con,Lad)

  • 1st Infantry Battalion 

  • 2nd Infantry Battalion

  • 3rd Infantry Battalion 

  • 1st Greek Fd Artillery Regiment

  • 1st Greek Machine Gun Company 

  • 1st Greek Field Company, Greek Engineers 

151st Infantry Brigade (attached to 2nd New Zealand Division 29 October to 3 November)

Brigadier Joscelyn E.S. Percy  Comd in staff car w rifles (C3,Reg,Lad)

  • 6th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry

  • 8th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry

  • 9th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry

69th Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Edward C. Cooke-Collis Comd in staff car w rifles (C3,Reg,Lad)

2nd Free French Brigade Group (under command)
  • 5th Battalion de Marche Infantry stand (F2,Reg,Lad)

  • 11th Battalion de Marche 

  • 21st and 23rd North African Anti-Tank Companies 

  • 2nd Company, Free French 


44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division

Major-General Ivor T.P.Hughes Comd staff car w Rifles (C3,Reg,Lad)

  • 44th Reconnaissance Battalion (detached to 7th Armoured Division)

  • 6th Bn, Cheshire Regiment (MG Bn) Inf MMG stand (S1,Reg,Lad)

  • 53rd Fd Regt, Royal Artillery Quad FAT + 25pdr (S3,Vet,MaLd)

  • 58th Fd Regt, Royal Artillery

  • 65th Fd Regt, Royal Artillery

  • 57th Anti-Tank Regt, RA 

  • 30th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery 

  • 11th Field Company, Royal Engineers 

  • 209th Field Company, Royal Engineers 

  • 210th Field Company, Royal Engineers 

  • 211th Fd Park Coy, RE 

  • 577th Army Fd Coy, RE (attached)  

  • 44th Home Counties Division Signals 

131st Infantry Brigade

Brigadier William Donovan Stamer Comd staff car w rifles (C3,Reg,Lad)

132nd (Kent) Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Lashmer Whistler Comd staff car w rifles (C3,Reg,Lad)

133rd (Lorried) Infantry Brigade

Detached to 10th Armoured Division


7th Armoured Division

7 Armd Div Corps Scale Orbat

Major-General John Harding Comd staff car (C3,Reg,Lad)

  • 1st Household Cavalry Regt Daimler armoured car (R1,Vet,Lad)

  • 11th Hussars [under command from 4th Armoured Brigade, in reserve] Morris CS9 armoured car (R1,Vet,Lad)

  • 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry [under command from 8th Armoured Div] Humber A/C or Bren Carrier (R1,Reg,Lad)

  • 44th Recce Regt (under comd from 44th Inf Div) Universal Carrier or Dingo lt recce car (R1,Reg,Lad)

  • 4th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers Sapper base (E1)

  • 21st Field Squadron, Royal Engineers 

  • 143rd Field Park Squadron, RE

  • 7th Armoured Division Signals 

  • Infantry in 15cwt truck + 2pdr Atk (F3,Reg,Lad)
4th Lt Armd Bde
4th Light Armoured Brigade

Brigadier Marcus G. Roddick M3 Stuart Tank (C3,Reg,Lad)

57 (2) Stuart, 14 (1) Grant = 71 tanks and 9 armoured cars

22nd Armoured Brigade

Brigadier George “Pip” Roberts M3 Grant Tank (C3,Reg,Mad)

57 (2) Grant, 50 (2) Crusader, 19 (1) Stuart = 126 tanks

Free French by YesthatPhil

Free French by YesthatPhil

1st Free French Brigade Group (under command)

Brigadier Marie Pierre Koenig Comd Jeep w rifles (C3,Vet,Lad)

  • 1st Battalion, Foreign Legion

  • 2nd Battalion, Foreign Legion

  • 3rd Battalion, Pacific Marine Infantry

  • 3rd Fd Regt, RA (att)

  • 1st Free French Arty Regt Renault limber + 75mm gun (S1,Reg,MaLd)

  • 2nd Anti-Aircraft Company, 1st Marine Fusiliers

  • 2nd Free French Anti-Tank Company +

  • 22nd North African Anti-Tank Company 

  • 1st Field Company, Free French Engineers 

with (under command)

  • 1st Free French Flying Column Automitrailleuse Dodge ‘Tanake'(F1,Reg,Lad),

  • Armoured Car Squadron and Portee troop, 1st Marocco Spahis 

  • 1st Free French Tank Company 

  • Anti-Aircraft troop, 1st Battalion, Foreign Legion


XXX Corps

Lieutenant General Oliver Leese Comd in staff car (S3), Ammo/POL Truck (L3), Ambulance (L3), Workshop Truck (L3)

  • XXX Corps Defence Squadron Infantry MMG (S1)

  • C Squadron, 4th/6th South African Armoured Car Regiment Marmon Herrington (R1,Vet,Lad)

  • 66th Mortar Company, Royal Engineers (two sections detached to 9th Australian Division. Fired only HE during the campaign but trained for chemical warfare

  • 11th Field Company, South African Engineers Sapper (E1)

  • 13th Field Company, South African Engineers

  • 22nd Field Park Company, South African Engineers Low Loader (L1), D7 bulldozer (L1)

  • XXX Corps Signals Signals truck (C1)

9th Australian Infantry Division

9th Australian Division

Major General Leslie Morshead Comd staff car w rifles (C3, Vet,Lad),

  • 9th Division Cavalry Regiment Crusader III or M3 Stuart Tank (F1,Reg,Mad)

  • 2/2nd Machine Gun Battalion

  • 2/3rd Pioneer Battalion Pioneer base (E1, Reg,MaLd)

  • 2/7th Fd Regt, RAA Marmon-Herrington FAT + 25pdr (S3,Vet,MaLd)

  • 2/8th Fd Regt, RAA

  • 2/12th Fd Regt, RAA

  • 3rd Anti-Tank Regt, RAA 

  • 4th LAA Regt, RAA 

  • 2/3rd Fd Coy, Royal Australian Engineers Sapper base (E1,Reg,MaLd)

  • 2/7th Fd Coy, Royal Australian Engineers

  • 2/13th Fd Coy, Royal Australian Engineers 

  • 2/4th Fd Park Coy, Royal Aust Engrs

  • 9th Australian Division Signals 

24th Australian Brigade

Brigadier Arthur H.L. Godfrey  Commander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

  • 2/28th Australian Inf Battalion, Western Australia (WA) 

  • 2/32nd Australian Inf Battalion, Victoria (Vic.) 

  • 2/43rd Australian Inf Bn, South Australia (SA) 

26th Australian Brigade

Brigadier David A. Whitehead  Commander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

20th Australian Brigade

Brigadier H. Wrigley  Commander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

  • 2/13th Australian Inf Battalion, New South Wales (NSW) 

  • 2/15th Australian Infantry Battalion, Queensland (Qld)  

  • 2/17th Australian Inf Bn, NSW 


51st Highland Infantry Division

Major General Douglas Wimberley Comd staff car w rifles (C3,Reg,Lad),

  • 126th Fd Regt, RA Quad FAT + 25pdr (S3,Vet,MaLd)

  • 127th Fd Regt, RA

  • 128th Fd Regt, RA

  • 61st Anti-Tank Regt, RA 

  • 40th LAA Regt, RA

  • 274th Field Company, Royal Engineers Sapper base (E1,Reg,MaLd)

  • 275th Field Company, Royal Engineers 

  • 276th Field Company, Royal Engineers

  • 239th Fd Park Coy, RE

  • 51st Highland Division Signals 

152nd Infantry Brigade

Brigadier George Murray Commander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

153rd Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Douglas Graham Commander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

154th Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Henry W. Houldsworth Commander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)


2nd New Zealand Division

Lieutenant-General Bernard Freyberg Comd in Dingo (C3,Reg,Lad),

  • 4th Fd Regt, Royal NZ Artillery Guy Quad Ant FAT + 25pdr (S3,Vet,MaLd)

  • 5th Fd Regt, Royal NZ Artillery 

  • 6th Fd Regt, Royal NZ Artillery 

  • 7th Anti-Tank Regt, Royal NZ Arty 

  • 14th LAA Regt, Royal NZ Arty 

  • 6th Fd Coy, Royal New Zealand Engineers Sapper base (E1,Reg,MaLd)

  • 7th Fd Coy, Royal New Zealand Engineers 

  • 8th Fd Coy, Royal New Zealand Engineers 

  • 5th Fd Park Coy, Royal NZ Engrs

  • 2nd New Zealand Division Signals 

5th New Zealand Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Howard Kippenberger Comd with Mortar (F3,Vet,Lad)

  • 21st Battalion, New Zealand Infantry 

  • 22nd Battalion, New Zealand Infantry 

  • 23rd Battalion, New Zealand Infantry 

  • 28th (Māori) Battalion, New Zealand Infantry 

6th New Zealand Infantry Brigade

Brigadier William Gentry Comd with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

  • 24th Battalion, New Zealand Infantry 

  • 25th Battalion, New Zealand Infantry 

  • 26th Battalion, New Zealand Infantry

9th Armd Bde
9th Armoured Brigade

Brigadier John Currie   Crusader III Tank (C4,Reg,Mad)

35 (1) Sherman, 37 (1) Grant, 46 (2) Crusader =118


1st South African Infantry Division

Major-General Dan Pienaar  Comd Dingo (C3,Reg,Lad),

Valentine II QRF

  • 3rd South African Armoured Car Reconnaissance Regiment Marmon Herrington armd car (R1,Reg,Lad)

  • Regiment President Steyn (MG Bn) 

  • 2nd Regiment Botha (in res to 31 October) 

  • 1st Field Company, South African Engineers Sapper base (E1,Vet,MaLd)

  • 2nd Field Company, SA Engineers 

  • 3rd Field Company, South African Engineers 

  • 5th Field Company, South African Engineers 

  • 19th Fd Park Coy, SA Engineers

  • 1st South African Division Signals 

1st South African Infantry Brigade

Brigadier E.P. Hartshorn  Comander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

2nd South African Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Evered Poole  Comander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

3rd South African Infantry Brigade

Brigadier R.J. Palmer  Comander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)


4th Indian Infantry Division

Major-General Francis Tuker  Comd India Pattern Carrier (C3,Reg Lad),

  • 1st Fd Regt Royal Artillery Karrier KT4 Spider FAT + 25pdr (S3,Vet,MaLd)

  • 11th Fd Regt, Royal Artillery 

  • 32nd Fd Regt, Royal Artillery 

  • 149th Anti-Tank Regt, RA

  • 57th LAA Regt, RA

  • 4th Indian Division Signals 

5th Indian Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Dudley Russell  Comander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

7th Indian Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Arthur Holworthy  Comander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

61st Indian Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Francis E.C. Hughes Comander with Mortar (F3,Reg,Lad)

Corps Reserve

23rd Armd Bde

23rd Armoured Brigade

Brigadier George W. Richards

186 (6) Valentine tanks

  • 121st Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (Used as close support for the Valentine Regts)  3 ton truck limber + Bishop self-propelled 25pdr (S1,Reg,Mad)

Bishop SPG Right Rear Threequarter View

  • 168th Battery, 56th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery Morris Limber + 40mm Bofors AA (S1) (or portee)

  • 295th Army Field Company, Royal Engineers (three troops detached to 50th Royal Tank Regiment with 51st (Highland) Division)


*CSO Written in 2015. D-Day 27th October 2018! FSO Apr 2019

I haven’t shown the dozens of corps and army level RASC companies used for ferrying infantry battalions and supplies from railhead to front lines.

Use of 4.2″ mortar HE ammunition is mentioned mainly in 66 Smoke Squadron RE.

Note also links within the text referring to regimental histories, and to Wickipedia, mainly to determine which equipment was in use at the time of the battle. Where no evidence could be found, I have gone with the most likely TO&E, simplified for NQM, so for example, an armoured brigade that would have had a mix of tanks in each regiment has been shown with one tank type in each.

There is considerable latitude in representing units. Use whatever command and logistic vehicles you have. I’m not attempting to model this orbat in it’s entirety.

I have abbreviated inconsistently, in order to display the orbat in as compressed a manner as possible. Where there is space, I have given titles in full, and where there is not, I have abbreviated to modern British Army Staff College rules, with the odd idiosyncrasy thrown in, because I can! Infantry Stand and Rifles are used interchangeably.


This monster post was originally cut and pasted from Wickipedia at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Battle_of_El_Alamein_order_of_battle [Accessed 3/8/2015]

Then modified for formatting and NQM orbat strengths.

The following sources were referred to:

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