Panzer Army Africa at ALAMEIN Pocket Orbat

Panzer Armee Afrika

Pz Armee Afrika HQ(commanded by Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) Erwin Rommel) (Lieutenant-General (General der Panzertruppe) Georg Stumme was in command at the start of the battle in Rommel’s absence on sick leave) SdKfz 250 [Greif] (S3,Vet, Lad), Signals Truck [or captured Dorchester] (S3,Vet, Ld), 8.8cm KwK 36 with SdKfz 7 (S3,Vet, Lad) Ambulance  (S3, Vet, Noncom), SdKfz 234 Armd Car (S3,Vet, Lad),  Wksp SdKfz 9 Famo (S3,Vet, Ld), Log Anh 116 (S3,Vet, Ld),

Army troops

Deutsches 90th Light Afrika Division

90th Light Afrika DivisionDivisional Signal/HQ Battalion (Brigadier-General (Generalmajor) Ernst StreckerComd/Sig  Car (S3,Vet, Lad), Log (S3,Vet, Ld)

  • 155th Panzergrenadier Regiment (with 707th Heavy Infantry Gun Company)  Opel Blitz with 15cm SiG 33 (S3,Vet, MaLd)
  • 200th Panzergrenadier Regiment (with 708th Heavy Infantry Gun Company) Opel Blitz with 15cm SiG 33 (S3,Vet, MaLd)
  • 361st Panzergrenadier Regiment (formed in theatre from former French Foreign Legionnaires of German origin) Granit H25 LkW  (S3,Vet, Lad)
  • 190th Artillery Regiment 7.62cm Pak 36(r) with SdKfz 11 (S3,Vet, MaLd)
  • 190th Anti-tank Battalion Pak 36 3.7cm KwK with Horsch LKw (S3,Vet, MaLd)
  • 190th Engineer Battalion  Opel Blitz  (S3,Vet, HaLd)
  • 190th Pz Recce Battalion – SdKfz 222 (S1,Vet, Lad)
  • under command: Force 288 (Panzergrenadier Regiment Afrika), Opel Blitz  (S3,Vet, Lad)
  • The three battalions listed after this are not part of this 8-to-10 company detachment)
    • 605th Anti-tank Battalion Diane Sdkfz6 [1942] (S2,Vet, MaLd)
    • 109th Anti-aircraft Battalion
    • 606th Anti-aircraft Battalion 2cm FlaK with SdKfz 10/4 (S2,Vet, MaLd)

Deutsches 164th Light Afrika Division

164th Light Afrika DivisionDivisional Signal/HQ Battalion (Major-General (Generalleutnant) Carl-Hans Lungershausen) Steyr Comd Car (S3,Vet, Lad), Mercedes Log (S3,Vet, Ld)

  • 125th Infantry Regiment Opel Blitz LKw (S3,Vet, Lad)
  • 382nd Infantry Regiment Opel Blitz LKw (S3,Vet, Lad)
  • 433rd Infantry Regiment  Mercedes LKw  (S3,Vet, Lad)
  • 220th Artillery Regiment 7.62cm LeFH with SdKfz 10 (S3,Vet, MaLd)
  • 220th Engineer Battalion  Opel Blitz  (S1,Vet, HaLd)
  • 220th Cyclist Unit Motorcycle  (R1,Vet, Lad)
  • 609th Anti-aircraft Battalion 2cm FlaK with SdKfz 10/4 (S3,Vet, MaLd)

Ramcke Fallschirmjäger Brigade

Ramke Faschirmjager Brigade(Brigadier-General (Generalmajor) Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke) Comd (S3,Vet, Lad), Log (S3,Vet, Ld)

  • 1st Bn 2nd Parachute Regiment Fallschirmjägers with Pzb 28 (S3,Vet, Lad)
  • 1st Bn 3rd Parachute Regiment
  • 2nd Bn 5th Parachute Regiment
  • Lehrbattalion Burkhardt
  • Parachute Artillery Battery 7.5cm Gebirgsgeschutz 36 with Krad Sdkfz 2 (S3,Vet, Lad)
  • Parachute Anti-tank Battalion Pzb 28 with Krad Sdkfz 2 (S3,Vet, Lad)

Deutsches Afrika Korps

DAK HQ(Major-General (Generalleutnant) Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma) Comd Car (S3,Vet, Lad), Log (S3,Vet, Ld), Wksp (S3,Vet, Ld), POL (S3,Vet, Ld), Ambulance (S3,Vet, Noncom), 2cm Flak (S3,Vet, Lad), 8.8cm KwK 36 + SdKfz 7 (S3,Vet, HaLd)


Deutsches 15th Panzer Division

15 Panzer Division(Brigadier-General (Generalmajor) Gustav von Vaerst) PzIII Befehl (S3,Vet, Lad), Log (S3,Vet, Ld)

  • 8th Panzer Regiment PzIIIJ (S3,Vet, Mad)
  • 115th Panzergrenadier Regiment Sdkfz 251 (S3,Vet, Mad)
  • 33rd Artillery Regiment 15cm SiG 33 auf PzII with SdKfz 254 (S3,Vet, MaLd)
  • 33rd Anti-tank Battalion Pak 38 7.62cm with SdKfz 11 (S3,Vet, MaLd)
  • 33rd Engineer Battalion Sdkfz 251/7 (S3,Vet, HaLd)
  • 33rd Pz Aufklärungs Battalion – Sdkfz 222 (S3,Vet, Lad)

Deutsches 21st Panzer Division

21 Panzer Division(Brigadier-General (Generalmajor) Heinz von Randow) Sdkfz 263 (S3,Vet, Lad), Log (S3,Vet, Ld)

  • 5th Panzer Regiment PzIII  (S3,Vet, Mad)
  • 104th Panzergrenadier Regiment Sdkfz 251 (S3,Vet, Mad)
  • 155th Artillery Regiment 10.5cm LeFH with SdKfz 11 (S3,Vet, MaLd)
  • 39th Anti-tank Battalion Pak 38 5cm with SdKfz 10 (S3,Vet, MaLd)
  • 200th Engineer Battalion Sdkfz 251/7 (S3,Vet, HaLd)
  • 3rd Pz Aufklärungs Battalion –Sdkfz 231 (S3,Vet, Lad)

136 Infantry Division Giovani Fascisti (Young Fascists)

136 Giovanni Fascisti DivisioneInfantry HQ (S3,Reg, Lad),  Ammo/POL/Wksp Truck (S3,Reg, Ld)

  • 136 Infantry Regiment – Infantry (S3,Reg, Lad)
  • 3rd Recce Battalion Lancieri di MonferratoAB41 A/c (S1,Reg, Lad)
  • 136 Artillery Regiment – 75/27 Cannone + tow (S3,Reg, MaLd)
  • 125 Pioneer Battalion – Pioneer Truck (E3,Reg, MaLd)

16 Motorised Division Pistoia

(Major General Giuseppe Falugi) – Mot Infantry HQ (S3,Con,Lad),   Log Truck (L3,Con,Ld)

  • 35th Inf Regt – Mot Infantry in Dovunque (S3,Con,Lad)
  • 36th Inf Regt – Mot Infantry in Dovunque (S3,Con,Lad)
  • 3rd Fossalta Arty Regt (mot) – 105mm Gun + Tow (S3,Reg,MaLd)
  • 16th Recce Battalion – Ab41 (S1,Reg,Lad)
  • 16th Mortar Battalion – 81mm Mortar (S1,Reg,Lad)
  • 16th Atk Coy – Light Truck Limber + 47mm PaK (S1,Reg,MaLd)
  • 51st Engineer Battalion – Engineer Truck  (E1,Reg,MaLd)

136 Infantry Division Giovani Fascisti  (Att to Pz Armee Afrika)

See above

Italian X Corps

Italian X Corps(Lieutenant General Edoardo Nebba; Major General Enrico Frattini in temporary command to October 26)

Comd car or Signal van (C3,Con,Lad),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Con,Ld), Medical (L3,Reg,Noncombatant)

  • 9th Bersaglieri Regiment – Rifle Truck (S3,Vet,Lad)
  • 16th Corps Arty Gp –  100mm M14 How Lancia R3o (S3,Reg,MaLd)

100-17 Lancia 3Ro

  • 8th Army Arty Gp –  149/19mm M37 or 149/40 M35 Gun + SPA TM 40  (S3,Reg,HaLd) (See below)

27 Infantry Division Brescia

27 Infantry Division BRESCIA(Major General Brunetto Brunetti) – Infantry HQ (C3,Con,Lad),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Con,Ld), TL37 +  47mm Canone (S1,Con,Lad)

  • 19th Inf Regt – Infantry (S3,Con,Lad)
  • 20th Inf Regt – Infantry (S3,Con,Lad)
  • 1st Mobile Artillery Regiment – 100/14 M17 Gun (S3,Reg,MaLd) +TL 37
  • 27th Mixed Engr Regt – Engineer Truck (E1,Reg,MaLd)

17 Infantry Division Pavia

17 Infantry Division PAVIA

(Brigadier General N. Scattaglia) – Infantry HQ (C3,Con,Lad),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Con,Ld), TL37 + PaK 36 3.7cm KwK (S1,Con,Lad)

  • 27th Inf Regt – Infantry (S3,Con,Lad)
  • 28th Inf RegtInfantry (S3,Con,Lad)
  • 26th Arty Regt – TL 37 + 75/27 M6 Gun (S3,Con,MaLd)
  • 17th Mixed Engr Bn – Engineer (E1,Reg,MaLd)

185 Parachutist Division Folgore

185 Parachute Division FOLGORE(Major General Enrico Frattini)

  • Divisional HQ and HQ Company – Comd (C3,Vet,Lad), Recce (R1,Vet,Lad) 

  • 186th Para Inf Regt –  Para Rifles with 47/32 M35 cannon  (F3,Vet,Lad)

  • 187th Para Inf Regt – Para Rifles with 47/32 M35 cannon  (F3,Vet,Lad)

  • 185th Para Arty Regt –  47/32 M35 cannon + TL 37 (S3,Vet,Lad)

  • VIII Parachute Engineer Battalion – Para Engineer (E1,Vet,HaLd)

  • 185th Medical Section – Medical (L1,Vet,Noncombatant,Ld)

  • 20th Mortar Company – 81mm Model 35 mortar (S1,Vet,Lad)

  • 185th Transportation Unit – Mules (L3,Vet,Ld)

XX Motorised Corps

XX Motorised Corps(Lieutenant General Giuseppi de Stephanis) – Comd car or Signal van (C3,Con,Lad),  Ammo/POL/Wksp Truck (L3,Con,Ld), Medical (L3,Reg,Noncombatant,Ld)

  • 8th Army Arty Gp (part) – Truck + 90/53 towed or SP Gun (S3,Reg,HaLd)

132 Armoured Division Ariete

132 Armoured Division ARIETEAriete 132 Armd Div CSO Orbat

(Major General Francesco Arena) – Comd/Signal Van (S3,Reg,Lad), Ammo/POL/Wksp Truck (L3,Reg,Ld), M/C recce (R1,Vet Lad)

  • 132nd Armoured Regiment – M14/41 (S3,Reg,MaLd)
    • IX, X, XII Tank battalions (roughly 100 Fiat M14/41 tanks total)
  • 8th Bersaglieri Regiment (motorised) – Rifle in Dovunque (S3,Vet,Lad)
    • V & XII Bersaglieri mot rifle bns
    • III Bersaglieri sp wpn bn
  • 132nd Arty Regt (mot) – Semovente 75/18 (S3,Vet,MaLd)
  • 3rd Bn Nizza Cavalleria (AB 41 A/c) – Autoblinda 41 (R3,Vet,Lad)
  • 32nd Mixed Engr Bn (mot) – Engineer (E1,Vet,MaLd)

Italian 133 Armoured Division Littorio

133 Armoured Division LITTORIO

(Major General G. Bitossi) – M11/39 Comd (C3,Reg,Lad), Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Reg,Ld)

  • 133rd Tank Regiment – M14/41 (S3,Reg,Lad)
    • IV, XIII, LI tank bns (M14/41)
  • 12th Bersaglieri Inf Regt – Rifle in Dovunque (S3,Vet,Lad)
  • 3rd Arty Regt – Semovente 75/18 (S3,Vet,MaLd)
  • 133rd Arty Regt (part)
  • 3rd Tank Group Lancieri di Novara (Fiat L6/40 lt tk) – L6 (R1,Reg,Lad)

101 Motorised Division Trieste

101 Motorised Division TRIESTE(Brigadier General Francisco La Ferla) – Comd/ Signal van (C3,Reg,Lad),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Reg,Ld), Engineer (E1,Reg,MaLd), Motorcycle (R1,Reg,Lad), Dovunque Inf Tpt (L3,Con,Ld)

  • XI Tank Battalion (M14/41) – M11/39 (S1,Reg,Mad)
  • 65th Inf Regt – Infantry (S3,Con,Lad)
  • 6th Inf Regt – Infantry (S3,Con,Lad)
  • 21st Arty Regt – TL 37 + 100/17 Gun (S3,Reg,MaLd)
  • 8th Armd Bersaglieri Bn (AB 41 Armoured cars) – AB41 (R3,Vet,Lad)
  • 52nd Mixed Arty Bn

XXI Corps

XXI Corps(Lieutenant General Enea Navarini; Major General Alessandro Gloria in temporary command to October 26)

Comd car (C3,Con,Lad), Ammo/POL/Wksp Truck (L3,Con,Ld),Medical (L3,Reg,Noncombatant)

  • 7th Bersaglieri Regt –  Rifle (S3,Vet,Lad)
  • 24th Corps Arty Gp – 100/17 How + Pavesi P 4-100 (S3,Reg,MaLd)
  • 8th Army Arty Gp (part) – SPA TM 40 + 152/37 Gun (S3,Reg,HaLd)
  • 152/37 Gun on trailer

102 Motorised Division Trento

102 Motorised Division TRENTO(Brigadier General Giorgio Masina)

Comd/Signal van (C3,Con,Ld),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Con,Ld), Motorcycle Recce (R1,Reg,Lad), Dovunque Inf Tpt (L3,Con,Ld)

  • 61st Inf Regt –Infantry (S3,Con,Lad)
  • 62nd Inf Regt – Infantry (S3,Con,Lad)
  • 46th Arty Regt – TL 37 + 100/17 Gun (S3,Reg,MaLd)
  • 51st Pioneer Bn –  Engineer (E1,Reg,MaLd)

25 Infantry Division Bologna

25 Infantry Division BOLOGNA(Colonel Dall’Olio) – Comd car (C3,Reg,Lad),  Ammo/POL Truck (L3,Con,Ld), Medical (L1,Reg,Noncombatant), Motorcycle Recce (R1,Reg,Lad)

  • 39th Inf Regt – Infantry (S2,Reg,Lad)
  • 40th Inf Regt – Infantry (S3,Reg,Lad)
  • 205th Arty Regt –Dovunque + 47mm Canone (S3,Reg,MaLd)
  • 25th Engr Bn – Engineer (E2,Reg,MaLd)
  • 51st Pioneer Bn

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