Jap Indep Bde

Imperial Japanese Independent Brigade 

Bde HQ   1 Comd in Toyota Car, on foot or horse (C3), 1 Signals Staff Car (C3)
Inf Regt (or Bde)HQ x up to 2 Comd + Light Mor + HMG or Kempei (CS3), 45mm or 70mm Regt Gun (S2) + limber (L2)
Inf Bn x up to 5 Comd + MMG (CS2), 3 Rifle bases (F3)
Arty Regt Comd (C1),  FOO (O1),  75mm Gun (S3) + limber , or
Engineer Unit 2-3 Engineer Stands (@E1), 2-3 Wagons with optional Bridging Trailer
Transport Unit  1-10 1/4 ton Carts (@L1), Up to 2 1/2 ton Trucks (@L3)

  Independent Brigades looked rather like small  Divisions.

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