Jap Nav Land Force

Imperial Japanese Special Naval Landing Force 

Force HQ   Commander (C1)
Inf Coy x 2 3 Rifle bases (F3)
Hvy Wpn Coy 75mm Gun or 70mm Howitzer (S3)


Naval Landing Forces storm ashore through the early morning mists

Early in the war the Special Naval Landing Forces were lightly equipped battalion sized units used in an offensive role. They relied on the supporting fleet to provide Naval Gunfire. Later in the war they became defensive garrisons, and added AA and guns to their TOEs.

Japanese Naval Garrison HQ with Anti-aircraft and Anti-tank support

Force HQ   Comd (C3)
AA Coy  MG on AA mount (S3)
AA Coy  75mm AA gun (S3)
Coast Def Coy 120mm gun (S4)
Coast Def Coy 2 x 80mm gun (@S4)
 Inf Coy x 2  Rifle Stand (s 3)
Hvy Wpn Coy
37mm Gun or 70mmHowitzer (s3)

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