Jap Tank Regt

Imperial Japanese Tank Regiment 

The Regiment’s tank companies – Type 97s

RHQ   Comd in Toyota Car, or Tank, or Tankette (C2-3)
Tank Coy x 3 Medium or Light Tank or Tankette (C2-3)
Combat Train  Fuel Bowser (L3),  Truck (L3), Reserve Tank or Tankette (F3)


The Regiment’s logistic tail

Tank regiments varied wildly. Keeping loosely to the structure above you could justify additions or subtractions to suit the situation. The Japanese excelled at building defences, and when tanks became non-runners, they often ended their life as a pillbox.

The Japanese were as fond as the French of splitting companies off to support infantry formations, so it would be more usual to find a single tank model supporting a division of infantry, than to find a couple of regiments grouped together. Note that if you field a full strength regiment, you are fielding a maximum of  8 points of tank strength. The ability to make your tanks strength 2 or 3 gives you the ability to tailor the amount of armour to the situation. The (C) designation rather than (F) reflects the independent employment of Japanese tanks.

The Regimental HQ with a conversion that started life as an Italian M14 and got pressganged!

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