Jap Inf Div “Type B”

Imperial Japanese Infantry Division “Type B”

Div HQ   1 Comd in Toyota Car, on foot or horse (C3), 1 Signals Staff Car (C3), 1 AA stand in Truck, or Towed(S3)
Div Recce Regt or see Cav Regt Below 3 Recce stands (@R1), 1 A/C (R2) [or tankette Type “A” only]
Inf Regt (or Bde)HQ x 3 Comd + 82mmMor [Type “A” only] + HMG and/or Kempei (CS3), 45mm or 70mm Regt Gun (S2) + limber (L2)
Inf Bn x up to 9 Comd + MMG + optional 50mm Mor (CS2-3),  3 Rifle bases (F3)
Arty Regt Comd (C1) 1-3 FOO(@O1), 2 75mm Gun [or 105mm Type “A” only] (S3) + limber (L3), 75mm Mtn Howitzer (S3) + limber (L3)
Cavalry  Regt or see Div recce above Comd + HMG + ATR  or 37-47mm AT Gun (CS3), 3 Cav bases (F3)
Transport Regt  1-10 1/4 ton Carts (@L1), 1-2 1/2 ton Trucks @L3)
Engineer Bn 3 Engineer Stands (@E1), 1 Wagon (L3) + optional Bridging Trailer (L3)

  A “Type A” infantry division was essentially better equipped than a “Type B”. Add a mortar stand to each infantry regiment, and add 105mm howitzers to the artillery regiment. A tankette could be added to the divisional recce.

Divisional HQ : A model railway car, converted Airfix 20mm Oerlikon and diecast van.

Japanese Infantry Battalion from Graham Evans’ collection

Japanese Artillery Regiment : Peter Pig figures

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