NQM British Orbats

Orders of Battle Far and Middle East

   British & Commonwealth  


NQM British Infantry Division

Indian Army Division

British Early Western Desert Infantry Tanks

NQM British Tank Forces


Royal and Commonwealth Air Forces

Initially things went well for the British in the Middle East. Despite being outnumbered by the Italians, The British went on to the offensive early on, driving the Italians out of Egypt and into Cyrenaica. Then the German Deutches Africa Corps arrived in theatre, just as British troops were being shipped to Greece, and the war see-sawed east and west along the North African coast. Eventually the Axis forces were pushed out of Tunisia and up the coast of Italy.

Allied Forces were caught unprepared by the Japanese invasion in the Far East. Initial setbacks were reversed by a hard and painful struggle in difficult conditions. The war in the Far East lends itself particularly well to the NQM approach, with one player controlling the Japanese and umpiring, and the remaining players taking the part of the Allies. You need lots of trees and lichen!

Do not be put off, or think that this game can only be played using masses of toys. It works well with smaller numbers of troops too, and lends itself well to using cheap toys or card mock-up models to fill in the gaps in your army’s inventory.

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