NQM Indian Inf Div

British Indian Army Infantry Division

British Indian army Inf Bn

Note that the typical British Inf Division was well supplied with motorised transport. This contributed to an over reliance on roads early on in the war.

The Indian Army was a completely separate organisation to the Regular Army, and for a long time, Officers’ Commissions were not held to be equal to a Regular Army Commission. The Indian Army commissioned its own vehicles too, to take account of the different operating conditions in India. In the Western desert, each Indian Brigade would include one English Battalion.

Indian Army Battalions often had distinctive Regimental insignia, and you can go to town with Turbans, Kukris, etc. Alternately you can take the view that in the jungles of Asia and the Western Desert, everyone looked scruffy and much the same. Either way, it’s 15mm. Don’t strain your eyes! The biggest difference is that early in the war, the British Army in Asia was dressed in Khaki, and late in the war, in Jungle Green.

Go to the British infantry division for Orbats but note that Indian divisions had a brigade of one British battalion and 2 Indian battalions. The artillery was usually manned with British Crews.

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