NQM British Inf Div

British Infantry Division

Infantry Divisional HeadquartersDivisional HQ

Commander* in Jeep with Comd RA & Comd RE (C3) [Tac HQ].

Defence platoon in carrier or truck (FS1-3) [Main HQ].

Signal Company Morris c4 mk2 wireless truck (C3) [Main HQ].

British Infantry Division Cavalry RegimentDivisional Cavalry Regiment

India pattern and Universal Carriers with Vickers Mk VI Light Tank (@R1).

Brit Inf Highland BnThese splendid Peter Pig WWI Highlanders were painted before his WWII figures (below) were available.

Brit Inf Highland Bn WW2

British Infantry Battalion - Not Quite Mechanised - fastplay Operational Wargames Rules

Infantry Battalion

Comd + MMG + 3″Mortar + optional ATk (Boyes or PIAT) (CS3-4)

  3 Rifle bases (F3)

RHA Atk RegtAnti Tank Regiment

1-4  2pdr Guns (S3) + Limber (L3) [later 6pdr]

One of Irregular Miniatures ‘Really Useful Guns’ representing an 18Pdr Royal Artillery Field Regiment, crewed by Peter Pig Figures

British divisional field artillery (25pdr)
Artillery Regiment

FOO (O1)

18pdr or 4.5″howitzer, or 25pdr field gun (S3) + limber (L3)

Inf Bde HQ and RE Fd CoyEngineer Field Company

2-4 Engineer Stands (@E1)

Truck (L3) + optional Bridge Trailer (L3)

Royal Army Service Corps Battalion

Bedford QL Ammo Truck (L3)

POL Truck (L3)

Supply Truck (L3)

1-3 RMP (@C1)

Here is a summary of the Order of Battle:

Div HQ Comd in staff car with Comd RA & Comd RE (C3), Signals Veh (C3), 1 Rifle Stand in carrier or truck (FS1-3)
Div Cav Regt 3 Recce stands 1light Tk,2 Carriers (@R1)
Inf Bde HQ x 3 Comd + Rifle defence platoon (CF2)
Inf Bn x 6-9 Comd + MMG + 3″Mortar + optional ATk Rifle (Boyes or later PIAT) (CS3-4),  3-4 Rifle bases (F3-4)
Arty Fd Regt x 3-4 FOO (O1), 18pdr or 4.5″howitzer, or 25pdr (S3) + limber (L3)
Anti-tank Regt 1-4  2pdr Gun (S3) + Limber (L3) (later 6pdr)
Engineer Fd Coy
2-4 Engineer Stands (@E1), 1 Truck (L3) + optional Bridge Trailer (L3)
RASC Bn 1 Ammo Truck (L3), 1 POL Truck (L3),1 Supply Truck (L3), 1-3 RMP (@C1)
RAMC Fd Ambulance 1 Ambulance Vehicle (L3)

* It would not be excessive to attempt to paint a handlebar moustache on at least one of the cavalry officers. A monocle  would probably be pushing it.


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