Orders of Battle – Eastern Front

Orders of Battle – Eastern Front


Infantry Division

Neu Art Wehrmacht Infantry RegimentPanzer Division

15th and 21st Panzer DivisionsArmy/Korps HQs and Supporting Troops



Hubert Pölz’s famous Stuka nose art in StG 2 , Ju 87, Not Quite Mechanised. Copyright Chris Kemp 2012-2019

Luftwaffe Ground Troops – Fallschirmjäger

Box 057 Fallschirmjaeger Division

Italian  Infantry Division

Bersagliari Infantry Battalion. ChrisKemp's NQM copyright 2012-2019Italian  Mobile Division

M11Tank RegimentItalian  Alpini Division

Hungarian Division

Here is all the Hungarian Armour in my collection, with an Engineer stand making sure it is not lost to a stray mine.

Romanian Division

Romanian Infantry Regiment

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