NQM Wehrmacht Orbats

Orders of Battle – Eastern Front


Infantry Division

Neu Art Wehrmacht Infantry RegimentPanzer Division

15th and 21st Panzer DivisionsArmy/Korps HQs and Supporting Troops

A Fieseler Storch collects the Army Commander watched by a military police security platoonLuftwaffe

Hubert Pölz’s famous Stuka nose art in StG 2 , Ju 87, Not Quite Mechanised. Copyright Chris Kemp 2012

Luftwaffe Ground Troops – Fallschirmjäger

FallschirmJaeger RHQ

Italian  Infantry Division

box001Italian  Mobile Division

M11Tank RegimentItalian  Alpini Division

Hungarian Division

Here is all the Hungarian Armour in my collection, with an Engineer stand making sure it is not lost to a stray mine.

Romanian Division

Romanian infantry Regiment


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