NQM Italian Armd Div

  Italian Armoured (Corazzata) Division

Divisional HQ  

Comd in Fiat staff car (C3)

Signals Vehicle (C3)

Divisional HQ represented by a die-cast taxi and railway model Citroen

Cavalleria Regiment

Comd in car (C3)

AB 41 A/C (R3)

3 Motorcycles (@R1)

The Divisional Recce Regiment – QRF AB41 and FoW Saharina substituted for the M/C

Bersaglieri Regimental HQ

Comd +  47mm Atk +  81mm Mortar (CS3)

Bersagliari RHQ – Peter Pig Italians, American tank crew and AK47 personality

Bersaglieri Battalion x up to 3

Comd + MMG + Truck (CS3) 

3 Rifles (F3) [Everyone fits into the truck.]

Bersagliari Bn – Peter Pig Bersagliari and Italian infantry

Bersaglieri Motorcycle Company

2 Motorcycle stands (@R1)

0-1 HMG Motorcycle Stand (RS1)

Anti-Tank Company

47mm Atk (S3) + Limber (L3)

Bersagliari Motorcycle troops and 47mm Anti-tank company with a 20mm Chenillette

Tank Regiment

 HQ tank (C3)

2-5 CV33 or M11 or M13 Carro Armati (@F3)

M13 Tank Regiment – Flames of War

M11 Tank Regiment – Converted Peter Pig T-26s

Understrength L6 Tank Regiment – Flames of War

Artillery Regiment

RHQ comd (C3)

FOO (O1)

100mm Howitzer (S3) + limber (L3)

The 100mm Artillery Battalion and FOO – Peter Pig and Flames of War

75mm Howitzer (S3) + limber (L3)

75mm Gun (S3) + limber (L3)

Semovente SP (S3)

AA 53mm, or 35mm or 55mm portee in truck (S3) with trailer, or towed. (L3)

The 75mm, Self Propelled and AA components of the Artillery Regiment

Engineer Company

2 Engineers (E1),  Truck (L3) + optional Trailer (L3)

The Engineer Battalion with rather cramped transport! – Peter Pig and QRF

Workshop/Transport Battalion

Ammo Truck (L3)

Workshop (L3)

Fuel bowser (L3)

The Transport Train, Workshops and Fuel Train – Peter Pig and FoW

For the Western desert, at Maximum strength, for XX Corps at Alamein, Wickepedia gives:

Italian Mobile XX Corp

In total, as the strength of the Italian armoured divisions rose and fell, there were three armoured (Corazzata) divisions that fought in North Africa : 

132 Divisione Corazzata “Ariete”

133 Divisione Corazzata “Littorio”

131 Divisione Corazzata “Centauro”, which arrived in theatre last and eventually absorbed the remnants of 132 and 133 divisions in Tunisia.


2 Command Fiat staff cars, 1 Signals Vehicle, 1 AB 41 A/C, 3 Motorcycles, 1 HMG Motorcycle, 5 Command stands, 1 FOO, 9-12 Rifle stands, 3 MMGs, 2 47mm Atk guns, 1 81mm Mortar, 4-7 Trucks, 1 Ammo Truck, 1 Workshop Truck, 1 Fuel bowser, 1 HQ tank , 2-5 Tanks (CV33 or M11 or M13 Carro Armati), 1 100mm Howitzer, 1 75mm Howitzer, 1 75mm Gun, 1 Semovente SP, 4 Artillery Limbers, 1 AA Truck or towed (53mm, 35mm or 55mm), 2 Engineer stands, 0-1 Trailer.

Sources :

Walker, I. (2003) Iron Hulls Iron Hearts. The Cromwell Press, Trowbridge.

http://reocities.com/pentagon/quarters/1975/g_itardi.htm  (1997) [Accessed 1 Jan 2012]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_XX_Motorised_Corps  [Accessed 1 Jan 2012]


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