NQM Hungarian Inf Div

Hungarian (Light) Infantry Division 1941

Divisional HQ

Commander in staff car (C3)

Signals Truck or horse drawn (C3)

Divisional Cavalry Troop*

Recce stand on Horse or Cycle (R1)

Infantry Regimental HQ x 2

Comd + 37mm Atk  + limber (CS3)

Infantry Battalion x up to 6

Comd + MMG + 50mm Mortar + ATk Rifle (C4)

3-4 Rifle Stands (F3-4)

Artillery Regiment

Comd (C1)

FOO (O1)

1-3 [10.5 cm Divisional gun (S3) + limber (L3)]

Anti- Air Company

 37mm AAGun (S3) +Limber (L3)

Divisional Rear Services

Ammo Truck (L3), POL Truck (L3), Ambulance (L3)

 Engineer Battalion

Comd + 2 Engr stands (CE3), Truck (L3)+ optional Bridge Trailer (L3)

The typical Hungarian infantry division was trained and equipped along German lines, but had less up-to-date equipment, and less of that too. Hungary was more concerned with regaining land lost to Romania than fighting in the East, and Germany could not count on cooperation between its Hungarian and Romanian allies.

In 1942 a recce battalion was added to the light division. For me, that means horses and bicycles, but armoured  cars are probably a more popular choice with the troops!

3 Recce stands cycle/horse (@R1), Armd Car (R3)

Such motor transport as there was tended to be concentrated in the headquarters and anti-tank units. The Hungarians also fielded a mobile corps with two motorised brigades, one cavalry brigade and later in 1943, an armoured division of a recce battalion, armoured regiment, motorised infantry regiment, artillery regiment, anti tank battalion and engineer battalion. I still content myself with attaching a Toldi tank stand to the infantry division if the Hungarians are having a good day.

Here is all the Hungarian Armour (F2) in my collection, with an Engineer stand (E1) and trailer (L3) making sure it is not lost to a stray mine.

The infantry brigade in an infantry division was organised into two regiments each of three battalions. Each regiment had a weapons company. I do not bother to model the brigade HQ, absorbing that function into the div HQ.

Here is the link to my Box of Hungarians


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