NQM Italian Alpini Div

  Italian Mountain(Alpini) Division

Div HQ   1 Comd in Fiat staff car (C3), 1 Signals Vehicle (C3), 1 AA stand in truck or towed (S3), 47mm Atk Gun (S3)
Inf Regt HQ x 2 Comd +  81mm Mortar (C2) (same in CSO)
Inf Bn x up to 6 Comd + MMG + 45mmMortar (CS3), Flame thrower (E1), 3 Rifles (F3),  Infantry Rifle stand (F3)
Pack Gun Regiment*  3 x 47mm Howitzer (@S3) + 3 Mule train(L3) *usually detached to Bns 47mm Howitzer (S3) + Mule train(L3)
Engineer Bn 2 Engineers (@E1), 1 Wagon or Truck (L3) with optional Bridging Trailer (L3)

 3 x 47mm Howitzer (@S3) + 3 Mule train (L3) *usually detached to Bns 47mm Howitzer + Mule train (S3)

Italian Colonial Troops attack,(Converted PP Russian WWI) supported by an M11 converted from a T-26

The Alpini were regarded as an elite unit and were well respected by German troops, so would count as veteran in NQM terms.

Kennedy (1) and Will (2)  cite the Alpini Corps in 8th Italian Army  in Russia as comprising :

“2nd Tridentina Alpine Division (Generale di Brigata Luigi Reverberi)

3rd Julia Alpine Division (Generale di Brigata Umberto Ricagno)

4th Cuneense Alpine Division (Generale di Divisione Emilio Battisti)

Organic Corps Assets:
• 11º Raggruppamento Artiglieria di Corpo d’Armata – LI, LII and LIII Gruppo cannoni da 105/32; CXVII Gruppo obici da 149/13.
• 39th and 41st Antiaircraft Batteries (20mm)

Additional Army-Level Reinforcements:
• Alpine Ski Battalion “Monte Cervino” (Tenente Colonnello Mario D’Adda)
• Squadron grouping of dismounted cavalry from the Raggruppamento truppe a cavallo.
• Horse Artillery Regiment (Colonnello Domenico Montella) – without horses; removed to the rear.
• XXXII Gruppo cannoni da 149/40 of the 9º Raggruppamento Artiglieria di Corpo d’Armata
• XXIV Gruppo cannoni da 149/28 of the 9º Raggruppamento Artiglieria di Corpo d’Armata
• German Artillery Regiment 612

J. Ellis cites  3rd Julia (Aug’42-Jan’43) Mountain Div as serving in Russia. It  fought in Army Group South (Later Army Group B) as part of 8th Italian Army. Being largely destroyed and withdrawn to Italy after the battles that cut off Stalingrad.

The Battalions made effective use of motorcycles and bicycles for recce and communication duties – having as many bicycles in the TOE (53), as vehicles (50). Peter Pig is a good source of 15mm bicycles to sprinkle around.

1) Gary Kennedy    http://www.bayonetstrength.150m.com/Italian/italian_infantry_division%201940%20to%201943.htm updates between 2000 and 2010 [accessed 28 Dec 2011]

2) Will http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=585 25 Feb 2008 [accessed 28 Dec 2011]



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