NQM Rumanian Inf Div

Rumanian Division

Div HQ   Comd in staff car (C3),  Signals Veh (C3),  AA in truck, or towed (S2-3),  Soup Kitchen horse drawn (L3)
Div Recce Coy 1 – 3 Recce stands on  horse, foot or bicycle (@R1)
Inf Regt HQ x 3 (2 after 1941)
Comd (C1)
Inf Bn x up to 9 (6 after 1941)
Comd + MMG +  50mm Mortar and/or ATk Rifle (CS3-4), 3-4 Rifle  (F3-4)  CSO Scale:Rifle (F3)
Arty Regt Comd (C1), 1 FOO (O1), 10cm Howitzer (S3) + limber (L3),  7.5cm Howitzer (S3) + limber (L3), 10cm Howitzer + limber (S3)
Anti-Tank Coy  4.7cm Atk Gun (S3) +Limber (L3) 4.7cm Atk Gun +Limber (S3)
Pioneer Bn Pioneers  2(E1),  Wagons 1-2(L3) Wagon + 2 Pioneers (E3)

The typical Rumanian infantry division was trained and equipped along French lines, but had less up-to-date equipment, and less of that too. Germany could not count on cooperation between its Hungarian and Rumanian allies, but nevertheless, Rumanian troops were regarded as more reliable allies than the Hungarians or Italians.

Our Divisional Commander has motor transport, (he is confident enough to put an air recognition flag on it too) and so does the Signal Squadron, The soup kitchen is horse drawn of course, but the AA has the luxury of a tracked limber!

Such motor transport as there was tended to be concentrated in the headquarters and anti-tank units. In 1942 you could add one extra 75mm anti-tank gun to the anti-tank company. You should also reduce the infantry strength to 3 regiments of 2 battalions each. 

The divisional artillery regiment and anti-tank company have been grouped together with some armour to plug a gap in the German lines. They are hoping not to meet anything larger than a Russian T60.

The infantry brigade in an infantry division was organised into two regiments each of three battalions. Each regiment had a weapons company.

Romanian infantry Regiment

This regiment only has two under strength battalions, but the Regimental Commander has found a table for his maps, and the divisional recce company has been attached for a particular task.

My Rumanians are an eclectic mix of Italians and Japanese Peter Pig figures with Dutch figures thrown in for good measure.

For the Tank buff, the following information was extracted from the Between the Wars Yahoo Group:


Number of AFVs (NQM Strengths)  (Year), Romanian designation (Original designation)

126 (4)  (1941), Senileta Malaxa Tipul UE (Renault UE)

Used as artillery prime mover for Schneider 47mm AT gun companies.

75 (2) (1941), FT-17 (Renault FT-17)

Infantry support tank in Infantry Divisions

35 (1) (1941), R-1 (CKD AH-IV)

Built under licence in Romania, in 5th, 6th, & 8th Cavalry Brigades

75 (2)  (1941), R-35 (Renault R-35)

In 1st Armoured Division

126 (1941), 26 (1942), R-2 (Skoda S-II-a & PzKpfw 35 (t))

Built under licence in Romania, in 1st Armoured Division

12 (1942), T-3 (PzKpfw III)

Used in 1st & 2nd Armoured Regiments

12 (0) (1942), 31 (1) (1943), 83 (2)  (1944), T-4 (PzKpfw IV)

Used in 1st Armoured Division to replace the R-2.

34 (1)  (1943), TACAM T-60 & T-60A (Converted T-60 & T-60A)

Soviet light tanks converted into tank destroyers mounting the 76.2mm L51 M1936 Field Gun

34 (1943), Senileta Ford Rusesc de Captura (STZ Komsomolets)

Captured Soviet artillery tractors used to tow the German PAK 38 50mm AT guns.  12 each issued to the 5th & 14th Infantry Divisions, 6 to the 2nd  Armoured Regiment, and 4 to the 5th Cavalry Division.

50 (1) (1943), T-38 (PzKpfw 38 (t))

Worn out PzKpfw 38 (t)s were given to the Romanian 2nd Armoured Regiment rather than ship the  obsolete tanks back to Germany for refit.

1 (0) (1943), 20 (1)  (1944), TACAM R-2 (Converted R-2 or PzKpfw 35 (t))

Romanian R-2 tanks were converted into tank destroyers mounting the 76.2mm L46 M1941 Field Gun.

4 (0) (1943), 104 (3) (1944), TAs, (Stug. III)

Used in Armoured units to replace tank losses.

3 (1943), 3 (1944), Vanatorul de Care Maresal [Romanian for :  Marshal Tank Destroyer]

Prototypes only. The German Hetzer was influenced by the design of the Romanian Maresal.

30 (1) (1945), Vanatorul de Care R-35/45 (Converted Renault R-35)

The R-35 was up gunned with the Soviet 45mm L44 M1932 AT Gun and assigned to the 2nd Armoured  Regiment.


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