NQM Heer Infantry Div

Wehrmacht Infantry Division

The Corps Scale Orbat (CSO) is annotated in Blue

Divisional HQ   

Comd (C3) in Kubelwagen or staff car, possibly even on a horse.

Signals Vehicle (C3) Kubelwagen or Lkw

Flak stand (S3) in truck, or if towed, on an integral S3 stand  without a separate L3 limber.

Close Support Flak Battalion or Infantry Divisional HQThe Flak is showing its towed status by hitching up to the signals stand but you could model its integral towing vehicle.


Divisional Recce Battalion 

3 Recce bases = 3(R1), on foot, horse, Motorcycle, A/C or Kubelwagen.

Divisional Recce Battalion

Infantry Regiment (or Brigade) HQ x 3

Regt Comd, Regt Gun (37mm Atk or 75mm or 150mm )+

0-1 limber = (total CS3) (strength 3 Command Support stand)

Regt Comd with Regt Gun (C3)

Regimental HQThe RHQ could be shown with a separate commander (right) above

7.5cm Regimental Gun and 3.7cm Pak with Limbers… or just a single (CS3) stand for Corps Scale. A 7.5cm Regimental Gun or 3.7cm Pak with limber could be used as shown above.

Infantry Battalion x up to 9

Comd + 2 Rifle bases (CF3)  (C)ommand/(F)ighting stand

MMG,81 or 50mm Mortar, ATk Rifle = (S3) (S)upport stand

Rifle base (F3)

Wehrmacht Infantry BattalionWehrmacht Fusileer Battalion

A mix of Peter Pig and (I think) Old Glory figures. The lower picture shows the tin plates I used to carry two infantry stands as a battalion for ease of movement in DSO/RSO

Artillery Regiment

RHQ comd (C3) (Omit for CSO)

0-3 FOO(@O1) (Omit for CSO)

1-2 10.5cm Div gun (S3) + limber (L)ogistic stand (L3)

15cm Howitzer (S3) + limber (L3) 

15cm or 10.5cm Howitzer + limber (S3)

A horsedrawn and a Motorised 10.5cm Artillery Battalion

15cm Motorised Artillery Battalion
Anti- Tank Battalion

 3.7cm Gun (S3)+Limber (L3)

5cm Gun (S3)+Limber (L3)

5cm or 3.7cm Gun + Limber (S3)

 37mm Pak 36
Pioneer Battalion

Comd + Pioneer + Flamethrower 3(E1)

Wagon or Truck (L3) + optional trailer (L3)

2 Pioneers + Wagon or Truck = 3(E1)

Engineer Battalion

Divisional Logistics Battalion

1-3 Transport (L3)

0-3 Traffic Police (C1) (Omit for CSO)

Note that the typical Wehrmacht infantry division would have less motorised transport as the war progressed. Early on, first line divisions would probably have trucks as limbers for artillery – perhaps even halftracks, although these would be more likely to be seen in Panzer divisions. Such motor transport as there was tended to be concentrated in the headquarters, medical, engineer and anti-tank units.

1943 neu Art Infantry Division

This is largely the same as the earlier division, with the following differences:

Fusileer Battalion

Comd +  2 Rifles (CF3), MMG, Mor, Atk Rifle (S3)

Infantry base on Bicycles (F3)

Wehrmacht Fusileer Battalion

Infantry Regiment (or Brigade) HQ x 3

RHQ Comd, 8.1 or 12cm Mortar (CS3), 0-1  panzershreck or 75mm/150mm Regt Gun (CS3) [or simply show a support weapon and commander on a single CS3 stand] (Regt Comd with Regt Gun or 12cm Mortar (C3))

Neu Art Wehrmacht Infantry RegimentA two battalion Neu Art infantry regiment with RHQ is shown above

Infantry Battalion x (3-6)

Comd + MMG + 50mm Mortar or LMG (CS3)

3 Rifles (F3)

Infantry stand (F3)

Wehrmacht Infantry Battalion

Artillery Regiment

RHQ Comd (C3)

FOO (O1)

10.5cm Divisional gun (S3) + limber most likely horsedrawn (L3)

10.5cm Divisional gun + limber most likely horsedrawn (S3)

A horsedrawn and a Motorised 10.5cm Artillery BattalionA Horsedrawn (late war) and a Motorised (early war) 10.5cm Artillery Battalion

Anti-tank Battalion

3.7cm/5cm/7.5cm/7.62cm Gun (S3) +Limber (L3)

3.7cm/5cm/7.5cm/7.62cm Gun +Limber (S3)

7.5cm Regimental Gun and 3.7cm Pak with Limbers

As the war went on, manpower strengths in the infantry divisions diminished, so for example, a headquarters that might have had six strength points in 1939 might be down to three by 1945. This might be compensated to a degree by heavier support weapons, but there would be no compensation for the reduced endurance of the division.

It is unimportant if the infantry battalion is shown with six individual bases or two stands each with three strength points. The size of the stands is not important either, within reason. It is helpful to show units that you might want to disperse, as single strength point bases,  such as recce and engineers.

The CSO battalion is shown as a single 50 x 30mm F3 stand with 3-5 figures on it

* Some of the miniatures on this page are from Phil Steele’s collection. They are the nicely painted ones.

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