NQM Heer Gebirgsjäger Division

NQM Heer Gebirgsjäger Division

The Gebirgsjäger divisions were  veteran troops and should usually be graded as such in NQM.

CSO Scale in Blue

Divisional HQ  including Gebirgsjäger Signal Battalion and  Aufklärungs Battalion

Comd (C3) in Kubelwagen or staff car

Signals Vehicle* (C3)

3 Bicycle Recce (@R1)

Ammo truck (L3)

Ambulance truck (L3)

Mule Train (L3)

Feldgendarmerie base (F1)

GebirgsJaeger Recce and Divisional HQ

  • A mule mounted radio might not be totally accurate but would make a good base to model.

Gebirgsjäger Regiment HQ x 2

Regt Comd, Regt Gun (3.7cm or 7.5cm PaK ) +  limber (CS3)

(3 strength 1 bases comprising a single strength 3 Command Support stand in total)

Regimental HQ

Neu Art Wehrmacht Infantry Regiment

Gebirgsjäger Battalion x up to 6

Comd + MMG, 81 or 120mm Mortar, HMG (CS3)

3 Rifle (F3)

Rifle (F3)

Wehrmacht Fusileer Battalion

Gebirgsjäger Artillery Regiment

RHQ comd (C3)

FOO (O1)

10.5cm Leichtgeshutz 40 (S3) + limber (L3)

7.5cm Gebirgsgeschutz 36 (S3) + Kettenkrad limber (L3)

10.5cm Leichtgeshutz 40 + limber (S3)

7.5cm Gebirgsgeschutz 36 + Kettenkrad limber (S3)

FallschirmJaeger RHQGebirgsjaeger Artillery Battalion

Gebirgsjäger FlaK Kompagnie

 2cm FlaK may be self-propelled or motorised + integral limber  (S3).

Close Support Flak Battalion or Infantry Divisional HQGebirgsjaeger Flak BattalionThe mules just seem to fit in!

Gebirgsjäger PaK Anti- Tank Battalion

7.5cm PaK 40 may be self-propelled or towed (S3) + Limber (L3)

or StuG (S3) + Limber (L3)

7.5cm PaK 40 may be self-propelled or towed + Limber (S3)

or StuG + Limber (S3)

Gebirgsjäger Pioneer Battalion

 Comd + 2 Pioneer bases (E3)

2 Trucks  (L3) or 1 with optional Trailer (L3) replacing 1 truck.

Truck + 2 Pioneer bases = 3(E1)

Engineer Battalion

Phil Steele’s 1st Gebirgsjäger Division does not quite follow NQM CSO organisation (it has 9 infantry bases; we normally give divisions 12-18 in a divisional game or 8 in CSO), but is close enough and fares well in battles :

Gebirgsjaeger Division - Yesthatphil

My Gebirgsjäger in Box 021

The following Mountain Divisions were raised. I have briefly recorded where they fought:

1st – Polish Campaign 1939, Autumn 1942 Russia, 1943 Greece.

2nd – Polish Campaign 1939, Norway, 1945 Western Front

3rd – Polish Campaign 1939, Norway, Russia.

4th – 1941 Balkans, Crimea, Russia KERCH Peninsula.

5th – 1941 Balkans, Greece, Crete, Norway, Russia LENINGRAD, Italy CASSINO.

6th – France, Poland, 1941 Balkans, Greece, Crete, Norway.

7th  – South Russia 1941, Finland, Norway.

8th – Norway, Finland, 1944 Italy. Never reached full strength, undistinguished

9th – In 1945 two formations were accidently designated the 9th Mtn Div. Both were only battlegroup size.*

188th Reserve Mountain Division – Southern Italy, Balkans.


  1. Mitcham, S. W. (1985) Hitler’s Legions, German Army Order of Battle. England, Leo Cooper.

2.  Ellis, J. (1988) The World Wat  II Databook. BCA.

  1. Records of Headquarters, German Army High Command, National Archives Microcopy No. T-78, Roll 398, American Historical Association Committee for the Study of War Documents, Washington, DC., 1960 in http://www.cgsc.edu/CARL/nafziger/944GXAE.pdf  [accessed 4/10/2014]

*The General Staff loses units more often than we think. Nobody realised that 11 Field Squadron RE had landed in the Falklands until a couple of days after the event. As for NQM units … you only have to read the blog!

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