NQM Heer Higher HQs

Higher level headquarters exercise command, logistic and administrative functions. NQM only really troubles itself with the first two of these. The command element splits into tactical, main and rear functions, so that command is always maintained  whilst moving. Rather than be prescriptive about the contents of any particular HQ, it is probably more useful to list the functions with a suggested composition.  A typical armee headquarters will contain the following elements :

Commander with his immediate tactical HQ. This will be mounted in vehicles of his choice.

Comd vehicle (C3) (A Fieseler Storch will usually be hanging about.)

A Fieseler Storch collects the Army Commander watched by a military police security platoon

A Fieseler Storch collects the Army Commander watched by a military police security platoon

Main HQ (Command and control)

Signal Bn Radio truck (C3)

 Tac Air Liaison Truck (C3)

Armee Arty Bn HQ Truck  (C3)


Rommel’s Panzer Armee Afrika main HQ

Rear HQ (Logistics and Administration)

Korps Field Hospital Bn Truck (L3)

Rear HQ Workshop Truck (L3)

Armee Rear HQ Fuel Truck (L3)

1-3 M/C Mil Pol Bn (@C1)

Armee rear HQ on the move

Armee rear HQ on the move

Armee troops may comprise units in reserve and under command :


Panzer battalion.

Panzer battalion.

Artillery Heavy battalions and Flak battalions would be under command

Armee Pz Arty Regt Comd (C3)

1-3 FOOs (@O1)

1-3 15cm, or 15.5cm, or 21cm [or heavier] (@S3) + Limber (@L3) [Some or all guns may be self-propelled.]

Panzer Artillery Regiment

Panzer Artillery Regiment

15cm Artillery Regiment

15 cm sFH 18 Howitzer Heavy Artillery Regiment

Close AA Flack Battalion :

20/37mm (S3) + Limber (L3)

Close Support Flak Battalion

Infantry It would not be unusual to have up to a division in reserve at armee level. Two example battalion orbats follow :

Rifle Bn : 

Comd base + MMG base + Mortar base (total CS3)

3 Rifle bases (total F3)

Motorised Rifle Battalion : 

Comd base in car + MMG base + Mortar base (CS3)

1-2 Trucks + 2-4 Rifle bases (@FS3 or F3) as shown below*


Railhead Grosstransportraum would transport ordnance from the railhead to korps

Grosstransportraum (@L3) led by field police (C1)Grosstransportraum (@L3) led by field police (C1)

Railhead with Field police security platoon and GrosstransportraumRailhead with field police security platoon (C1) and Grosstransportraum (L3)

*Nobody minds how you show mobile infantry. Just a truck, or one with infantry glued in or loose, are all fine. Just let your fellow gamers know what is intended. You will see all of these displayed on the blog.

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