NQM Heer Security Div

Wehrmacht Security Division

Stg2 Hubert Polz's Ju-87

The Corps Scale Orbat (CSO) is annotated in Blue

The forerunner of these divisions were the security regiments formed from pre-war Landschützen battalions for each army group for their rear-area security. It was quickly realised that this was not enough so from Spring 1941 Divisions began to be formed. Around 16 divisions were formed between spring ’40 (454th) to summer ’44 (390th). As second-line divisions, they collected obsolete and captured equipment and Freiwillinge Russian volunteers. Initially it was believed that they would not need heavy equipment, but as the war progressed , they collected heavy weapons, including armour. Most security divisions were destroyed when the front overran them or they were thrown into the line.

In parallel, the security regiments became bicycle-mounted in 1942, and the Landschützen battalions may have rotated around the security divisions without being identified. Jäger Divisions were also used for anti-partizan duties

Divisional HQ   

Comd (C3Ld,Reg) in Kubelwagen or staff car, possibly even on a horse.

Signals Vehicle (C3,Ld,Reg) Kubelwagen or Lkw.

 Line Infantry Regiment

RHQ: Comd  with 80mm mortar (C3, Lad,Reg)

3 Infantry Battalions: Rifle (F3,Lad,Reg)

Infantry Regiment

Wehrmacht Infantry Battalion

(this may be replaced with 3 to 15 [usually 9] single SP security detachments for guarding key points)

RHQ: Comd  with 80mm mortar (C3, Lad,Con)

3 Infantry Battalions: Rifle (F3,Lad,Con)

Artillery Regiment or Battalion

A horsedrawn and a Motorised 10.5cm Artillery Battalion

Field Artillery (S1-3) This can be whatever is to hand, usually the 10.5cm LeFH 18, and usually horsedrawn, but  exceptions were:

203rd  Sy Div: 122mm FH(r), 286th  Sy Div: 10.5cm LeFH(t)  (Czech)

Miscellaneous units:

It was not unusual for units to be attached for  operations, or permanently:

Cavalry Squadron or Battalion: Cavalry (F1-3) this was usually Russian or Cossack but could be German

Armoured Company or Battalion: Tank (F1-3). may be obsolete, or captured, tank or armoured car, or anti tank gun – I use Pz 38(t), Pz II, Any French tank.

The CSO battalion is shown as a single 50 x 30mm F3 stand with 3-5 figures on it

* Some of the miniatures on this page are from Phil Steele’s collection. They are the nicely painted ones.

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