NQM Romanian Mountain Div

Romanian Mountain Division

Div HQ
Comd in staff car (C3),  Signals Veh (C3),  AA in truck, or towed (S2-3),  Soup Kitchen horse drawn (L3)CSO Scale: Comd (C3), Log (L3)
Div Recce Coy 1 – 3 Recce stands on  horse, foot or bicycle (R1-3) Recce (R1)
Inf Regt HQ x 2
Comd (C1) CSO Scale: Comd with Mor, MMG or Regt Gun (C3)
Inf Bn x 6
Comd + MMG +  50mm Mortar and/or ATk Rifle (CS3-4), 3-4 Rifle  (F3-4)  CSO Scale:Rifle (F3)
Arty Regt Comd (C1), 1 FOO (O1), 100mm Skoda Howitzer (S3) + limber (L3) or  75mm Skoda Howitzer (S3) + limber (L3), 100mm Skoda Howitzer + limber (S3), or 75mm Skoda Howitzer + limber (S3)
Anti-Tank Coy 37 mm Atk Gun + Malaxa tip UE Limber (S3)
Pioneer Bn Pioneers  2(E1),  Wagons 1-2(L3) Wagon + 0-2 Pioneers (E1-3)

Romanian mountain divisions were of higher quality than line infantry. I normally grade them as regular, but their lighter artillery equipment, put them at a disadvantage on flatter terrain. Germany could not count on cooperation between its Hungarian and Romanian allies, but nevertheless, Romanian troops were regarded as more reliable troops than the Hungarians or Italians. The 4th Mountain division was of lower quality than the first three raised. You could consider grading the first three as veteran and the fourth as regular? I usually just use my regular Romanians as mountain troops, but am tempted to build a few mountain stands.

Romanian Infantry Regiment

Romanian Infantry Regiment of RHQ and 3 Battalions on FoW-sized 30 x 50mm bases, Two 30mm PBI bases per battalion will work just as well.


My Romanians are an eclectic mix of Italians and Japanese Peter Pig figures with Dutch figures thrown in for good measure. Peter Pig’s Carlist SCW troops and WW1 French Alpine troops make pretty good substitutes with a little bit of work.

Romanian mountain troops

The information above was extracted from  http://worldwar2.ro/ [Accessed 2/3/2019] :

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