NQM Soviet Artillery

Soviet Artillery Division

Soviet Divisional HeadquartersDivisional HQ 

Comd in Gaz ‘Jeep’ or staff car, on foot or horse (C3)
Signals Staff Car (C3)
AA in truck, or towed (S3)
(Omit all in corps scale orbat)
Divisional Observation Battalion Divisional Observation Battalion 
3-6 FOO  (O1) on foot or in Gaz Jeep (Omit in corps scale orbat)

Light Artillery BrigadePeter Pig crews and 76mm divisional guns. Scratchbuilt STZ-5 tractors based on 1/76 Airfix universal carriers

Light Artillery Brigade

Bde Comd (C3) (Omit in corps scale orbat)

2 Regt Comd with AAMG or ATk Rifle (CS2) (Omit in corps scale orbat)

2  76mm Div Gun (S3) + 2 limber (L3)

Howitzer BrigadeHowitzer Brigade

Bde Comd (C3) (Omit in corps scale orbat)

2  Regt Comd with AAMG or ATk Rifle (CS2) (Omit in corps scale orbat)

2  122mm Gun (S3) + 2 limber (L3)*

Howitzer BrigadePeter Pig crews, scratchbuilt S-65 tractor and a US 105mm howitzer pretending to be a 122mm

Heavy Howitzer Brigade

(After Apr ’43) in Breakthrough Artillery Division:

Bde Comd with AAMG or ATk Rifle (CS2) (Omit in corps scale orbat)

152mm Howitzer (S2) + limber (S2)

BM Howitzer BrigadeHeavy Howitzer Brigade in Breakthrough Artillery Division Some very dodgy stand-ins from the Author’s collection (above), and what it should look like from Phil Steele’s collection (below)

(After Apr ’43) in Breakthrough Arty Div:

Bde Comd (C3) (Omit in corps scale orbat)

B-4 203mm Howitzer (S2) + limber (L2)



Zvezda Zis-5s, Peter Pig figures and Rolls Royce

Mortar Brigade

Bde Comd (C3) (Omit in corps scale orbat)

3 x Regt Comd with AAMG orATkRifle (CS2) (Omit in corps scale orbat)

3 x 120mm Mortar (S3) + limber (L3)

Rocket Launcher Brigade

Zvezda BM-13s and Matadors, Peter Pig figures

Rocket Launcher Brigade (Indep before Sep ’44)

Bde Comd with AA stand (CS2) (Omit in corps scale orbat)

3 x BM8 or BM13 Launcher (@S3) + 3 Ammo Trucks @ (L3)

(Sep’44 onwards)  3 x M31-12 Launcher replaces the BM8 or BM13 (@S3) 

Sovfiet independent Artillery Battalion (152mm)From Phil Steele’s Collection. Converted command car

Gun Brigade

Bde Comd(C3) (Omit in corps scale orbat)

152mm Gun/Howitzer (S3) + limber (L3)


*After the Finnish campaign the Soviets increased the numbers of the heavy artillery arm and passed 122mm howitzers back to infantry divisions, replacing them with 152mm howitzers in the artillery divisions.

Artillery Divisions were unique to the Soviets, and reflected a need to control artillery as effectively as possible, with limited trained manpower. As skill levels increased,  Soviet handling of artillery became less dependent on direct fire, and more effective in the support of an attack. Mortar Battalions became Mortar Regiments in 1942, taking advantage of the mortar’s simplicity, ease of manufacture and use .  The Germans learned to fear Soviet artillery, and to take extremely careful measures in defence in order to prevent destruction before attacks

(Zaloga & Ness, 1998).

The TO&E above is a composite Orbat based on a strength of 30 guns per model (Modified April 2008 and again in December 2011 to rationalise tank and artillery model ratios at around 10 per strength point).

In our games it is much more likely that the table top sees the reduced orbats below, and it was not unusual to see light tanks towing artillery as an expedient measure, or obsolete tank hulls with the turrets removed … Total NQM Gun Strengths:

Artillery Division (Dec ’42).

2 76mm gun (S3), 2 122mm howitzer (S3), 152mm gun-howitzer (S3), 2 120mm mortar (S3), 7 tractor limber (L3)

Breakthrough Artillery Division (Apr ’43).

2 76mm gun (S3), 2 122mm howitzer (S3), 152mm howitzer (S3), 1 152mm gun-howitzer (S3), 3 120mm mortar (S3), 1 203mm howitzer (S2), 10 tractor limber (L3)

Heavy Gun Artillery Division (Jun ’43).

4 152mm gun-howitzer (S3), 4 tractor limber (L3)

Gun Artillery Division (Oct ’43).

76mm gun (S3), 3 152mm gun-howitzer (S3), 4 tractor limber (L3)

sovartyScratchbuilt tractors, Skytrex? 152mm guns. Peter Pig crews

RVKG 1941 Anti tank Brigade.

2 Anti-tank rifle (S2), 2 76mm divisional gun (S3) + limbers (L3), 2 85mm AA/anti-tank gun (S3) + limbers (L3). These were all disbanded in 1941 in favour of artillery regiments, which were all lost outside the gates of MOSCOW in winter 1941.

RVKG 1941 Anti tank Regiment.

76mm divisional gun (S3) + limber (L3) or 85mm AA/anti-tank gun (S3) + limber (L3).

RVKG (Apr ’42) Anti-tank Brigade.

2 Anti-tank rifle (S2), 76mm/57mm/45mm gun (S3) + limber (L3). This orbat remained until late 1943 with thirty 76mm regiments and one 85mm regiment being formed.

Anti-aircraft (AA) regiments went through several iterations as Stavka juggled with effectiveness against high and low flying aircraft. They formed orbats for airfield defence regiments without transport, and mobile regiments. For simplicity I really only have one AA orbat :

PVO Anti-aircraft Division.

37mm Anti-aircraft gun (S3) [2 by 1943]

12.7mm DShK MG (S3)

85/76mm AA gun (S2)

quad 48 MG (S3) [1942 only]

1-0 of any of these weapons can be present in a division, each with a limber (L3) if mobile, or without if an airfield defence division.

PVO Anti-aircraft DivisionPhil Steele’s models. I included his searchlight; it would have been rude not to. Phil counts this as one of his guns.

Independent Mortar Regiments

These all appeared from army, corps and RVKG in calibres of 120mm, 160mm heavy and 107mm mountain as :

1 tube (S3) + limber (L3)

Soviet Artillery Regiment (120mm Mortar)Phil Steele’s collection

or as …

Independent Mortar Brigade.

4 [tubes (S3) + limber (L3)].

I have not modelled the headquarters, (although one can be seen in the picture of Phil Steele’s 120mm regiment), as these would appear at corps and front level. Artillery commanders often do not appear with their gun lines in our games, as they are at corps, army or  front headquarters.

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