NQM Soviet Cavalry Div

Soviet Cavalry Division

Divisional HQ & Signal Squadron:

Comd in Gaz Jeep, foot or horse (C3)

Signals Staff Car (C3)

Divisional Tank Squadron:

0-1 Light Tank T-37/40 or Armoured Car (A/C) (R1)

Soviet Cavalry Division Tank Squadron

Cavalry Regimental  HQ x 3:

Comd + MMG Tachanka (CS2)

Soviet Cavalry Division Regimental HQ

Cavalry Squadron x up to 15:

Comd + 2-4 Rifles 0-2 may be SMG(C3) or (C2 + F2) or (C2 + F3)

Soviet Cavalry Squadron.
 Horse Artillery Battalion:

Comd (C1)

0-1 FOO (O1)

76mm Div gun (S3)

+ limber (L3)

Soviet Horse   Artillery Battalion

Artillery Ammunition Column:

1-2 trucks or limbers (@L3) – [may be fielded at corps level]

Soviet Cavalry Division Artillery AmmunitionColumn.

Artillery Regiment:

Comd (C1)

0-1 FOO (O1)

122mm gun (S3)

+ limber (L3)

Soviet Cavalry Division Artillery Regiment.

Anti-Tank Battery:

45mm Gun (S1)

+ Limber (L1)

Anti-tank Rifle (ATR) (S1)

Soviet Cavalry Division Anti-tank Battery.

Pioneer Battalion:

2 Pioneers (@E1) or a single Pioneer base (E2)

1-2 Wagons (@L1)

+ 0-1 Bridging Trailer (L1)

Soviet Cavalry Division Pioneer Battalion.

Note that the Soviet cavalry division would have no FOOs, early in the war, so can only pre-plan indirect artillery fire, or use direct artillery fire. As the war progressed FOOs were introduced in greater quantity.

In 1939 the establishment of the Division was 4 regiments each of 5 squadrons, (Total 20), and a mechanised regiment of a tank battalion and two motor rifle battalions. Supporting arms comprised a horse artillery regiment, anti-tank battery, anti-aircraft squadron and pioneer squadron. Out of a possible (75) cavalry sabre bases, My division currently has (42)**.The cavalry briefly benefited from the need to absorb mechanised troops after the destruction of mechanised corps as an effective fighting force in the early stage of the war. Later it lost these forces as the mechanised forces were rebuilt:

1  Gaz Jeep, 1 Signals Staff Car, 0-1 Light Tanks (T-37/40), 5(10) Cavalry Command bases (3 Bde, 2 Arty)*, 3(3-6) SMG or NKVD bases, 4 45mm or 76mm Regimental Guns  + 5-7 limbers, 45-75(90-150) Cavalry Rifle bases**, 3 MMGs (Tachanka), 0-3 FOO bases,  1 76mm Div gun, 0-1 122mm Howitzer1 Anti-tank Rifle, 1(2) Pioneer bases, 1-2 Wagons  + 0-1 Bridging Trailer. Normally fielded at corps or front level – 1-2 trucks.

**By 1941 the orbat had been reduced to the one shown at the top of the page :  15 Sqns of 3-5 bases = 45-75 bases.


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