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Biobliography WWII Eastern Front 

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Biobliography WWII European Theatre 

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Biobliography WWII Mediterranean Theatre 

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Biobliography WWII Far East and Pacific Theatre 

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Biobliography WWII General 

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Biobliography Pre to Post-WWII China and Far East 

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2 responses to “Bibliography

  1. Dave Carter

    Hi, Chris,
    In your reference links at the bottom of the sidebar, Dr. Niehorster’s website is now at
    The Soviet armoured trains pictures are now at and the maps link from the same site is at

    The Russian armoured trains link (3rd from bottom) is also broken but the new site for ( only seems to have the index page (I can’t find any links). No luck on the Wayback Machine either. (The TOAW Design Group’s forums-not articles-seem to be at



    • Dear Dave,

      Thanks for the update on the links, it is much appreciated. I don’t check them as often as I should, so I usually only find out if I use them myself or someone alerts me as you have done. Your nudge has prompted me to do a bit of Spring cleaning 🙂

      Kind regards, Chris.


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