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Soviet Winter Offensive Jan 1943 Desantny

The Soviet Winter Offensive taxed the Luftwaffe to the limit, with servicability dropping as ground crews struggled in atrocious conditions to keep airframes ready for operations, and airstrips clear for flying.

Tante Ju

One such airfield (Flugplatz Lotti) near VELIKIE LUKIE, was thought to be safely beyond the reach of the enemy. It contained four Geschwäder : JG 54 (Bf 109), KG76 (Ju 88), StG 1 (Ju 87), KG zbV 102 (Ju 52) and a NaGruppe with Uhus.

Flugplatz Lotti

See Phil’s blog for his thoughts on the use of Soviet desantny forces. The two regiments that he deployed brought with them T-60 tanks and the spearhead of the tank and mechanised corps that had broken through from VYSHNY VOLOCHYOK.

The Outer Defences of Lotti are Assailed

Although the Airfield was defended by two reduced regiments of well-armed Luftwaffe ground troops, their morale was simply not up to the task of holding the airfield. An undignified scramble of aircraft and logistic units exiting the base was observed as the unlucky defenders desperately hung on to the perimeter

Logistic Units Scramble for Safety

Before long, Soviets were swarming over the airfield. They have been doing that a lot of late. Casualties were heavy

Game Notes

YesThatPhil got the chance to showcase his new Peter Pig Soviet Scouts. I gave my rebased Luftwaffe field division its second airing. It behaved commendably badly, as one might epect. The air base was laid out in advance and Phil’s brief was:

“commit what you think that you need to take the airfield.”

He finished the job in about an hour of playing, which enabled the whole scenario to be finished from start to finish in about two hours. Coffee, chocolate, cheese and biscuits stopped anyone from starving.

I rated the Luftwaffe division as conscript and the Soviets as veteran.



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Luftwaffe on the Eastern Front

This year [Edited Nov 2017], I revisited my NQM Orbats for the Luftwaffe on the Eastern Front. This does not include the Feltluftgau (Special staff groups for controlling logistics in the Field) as even I recognise that an interest in logistics can become obsessive at some point. The orbat has been updated for 1942, with my previous starting point of 1941.  As ever, the (bold numbers in brackets) are the number of models needed to play the campaign with NQM at a scale of 1 model equals 30 aircraft . Prior to this, I had modelled each Staffel (Squadron) as one model with 1 strength point each.

Fw 190 JagdGeschwäder of 4 Gruppe as revised for 1 model = 30 aircraft



At this scale, each model is a Gruppe and has 3 strength points. The insignia I have chosen to illustrate are often from one of the Geschwäder in a Gruppe.

Luftflotte 1 (Ostfront)

GeneralOberst Keller

Kampfgruppe zur besonderen Verwendung (KGr zbV)106 – (1) Ju 52,(1) Ju 52

Fliegerkorps I

General der Flieger Förster

JG 54:  JG54-1  III/ III/JG 54 (4,2) Bf 109(F,G) “Grunherz”

KG1:    II/ II/KG 1 III/ III/KG 1 (2,2) Ju 88A/C “Hindenburg”

KG 53 (fm LuFlo 2) I/ I.KG 53 II/ II/KG 53 III/ III/KG 53 (0,3) He 111H “Legion Condor”

KG 76 KG76 I/I/KG 76   III/III/KG 76  (3) Ju 88A

KG 77: KG 77  I/KG77-1  II/II/KG 77   (3) Ju 88A

StG 1 (det fm Luftflotte 4StG 1 (0,1) Ju87D

FliegerFührer Ostsee

Oberst von Wild

Aufklärungsgruppe (NAGr)                   (1) He 60 or Bv 138 or He 114 or AR 196

Küstenfliegergruppe (KuFlGr) 806       (1) Ju 88A

Luftflotte 2 (MittelMeer)

GeneralFeldmarshall                             Kesselring

KG zbV 1                                                         (1) Ju 52

JG 53:   JG53-1       (3) Bf 109F “Pik As”

Fliegerkorps II

General der Flieger                                  Foerster

KG 3: KG 3 (2,0) Ju 88A,

KG 53 (to LuFlo 1) Germany_JG52 (3,0) He 111H

StG 77: I/ I/StG 77  II/ II/StG 77  III/ III/StG 77 (3) Ju 87B/D/G

SKG 210: SKG 210 (2,0) Bf 110C/D

JG 51: JG51 (5) Bf 109F

KG zbV 102                                                         (1) Ju52

KG zbV 105                                                          (1) Ju52

In Nov 1941 the HQs of Luftflotte 2 and II Fliegerkorps were sent to the Mediterranean theatre,

Fliegerkorps VIII

GenOb                                                          Dr Richthofen

KG 2:  KG2 (3,0) Do 17Z “Holzhammer”

StG 1  (-) STG1 (2,1) Ju 87(B,D) (0,2) Fw 190A

StG 2 StG 2 Iimmelman (1,0) Ju 87B, (1,0) Ju 87R, (1) Bf 109E, (0,1) Ju 87D

Zerstoerergruppe(ZG) 53                                   (3,1) Bf 110C or E

JG 27 Jg27 (3) Bf 110E or F

KG zbV 9                                                                 (1) Ju 52

Flakkorps I

GenMaj                                    von Axthein

FlakRegt 101                           (1) 2cm Flak, (2) 8.8cm Flak

FlakRegt 103                           (1) 2cm Flak, (2) 8.8cm Flak

Luftflotte 4 (Ostfront)

GenOb                                     Löhr

KGr zbV 4,5,50,102,900                  (4) Ju 52

Deutsche Luftwaffe Mission in Rumaenien

JG 52 JG 52 (1,2) Bf 109F

KG zbV 104                                        (1) Ju 52

Seenotstaffel 8                                  (1) He 59

Fliegerkorps IV

GenLt                                                   Pflugbeil

KG 27 KG 27 (4,2) He 111H

KG 76: I/Germany_JG52  (0,1) Ju88A

JG 77 jg77 (1,1) Bf 109E

StG 3                                                      (0,1) Ju 87D

StG 77                                                   (0,2) Ju 87D

LG 1 (-)                                                 (0,1) Ju88A

Fliegerkorps V

GenLt                                                   Ritter von Greim

KG 51                                                 (3,1) Ju 88A

KG 54                                                 (2) Ju 88A

KG 100                                               (0,1) He 111H

KG 55 KG55 (3,2) He 111H

JG 3                                                     (3,1) Bf 109(F,G)

ZG 1                                                    (0,1) Bf 110, (0,1) Bf 109

SchG 1 (-)                                              (0,1) Hs129B

StG 1 (-)                                              (0,1) Ju 87D

StG 2                                                   (0,1) Ju 87D

Flakkorps II

Gen der Flak                            Dessloch

FlakRegt 6                               (1) 2cm Flak, (3) 8.8cm Flak

FlakRegt GG                            (3) 2cm Flak, (2) 8.8cm Flak, (1) 3.7cm Flak

 Under operational control of 4 Fliegercorps :

Royal Romanian Air Force Air Combat Group (GAL)

See following post for GAL

LuftwaffenKommando Ost (From 1942)

KGr zbV 105,500,700                    (2) Ju 52

JG 51                                                (2) Bf 109

JG 54                                                (2) Bf 109

KG 3                                                 (2) Ju 88A

KG 4                                                  (2) He 111H


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