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Slapping Paint onto Stuff – Poles and Steyr 1500A Kfz. 70

The Cloister

The painting and modelling plan has taken a bit of a hit this year and last, for reasons that are obvious to everyone. Work has taken priority, and still is, with overstretch and under manning taking its toll on my spare time. At the end of the day, I don’t feel like logging onto a Zoom or Skype wargame, even though there have been some good ones that I could avail myself of. So apologies to everyone whose invitations I have turned down, or not replied to.

Party Central

Weekends have been spent outdoors. There is nothing quite like spending 10 hours in a mask to help you appreciate just how good fresh air tastes. Shed 24 was completed this week, although I will probably continue tinkering with it for fun. The Cloister is now roofed and painted in Fairground-pattern dazzle camouflage, with party lights in anticipation of post-lockdown garden meets in our reliably inclement summer weather. Caunter had the right idea, but never carried it fully through IMHO.

Caunter Fairground Palttern Dazzle Camouflage

Indoors, I managed to slap more paint onto these Steyr 1500A Kfz. 70 heavy cars from PSC. The finish of the kits is lovely, the jigs horrible as you need to cut and shave the side panels to fit. If you don’t, they keep springing off before the solvent sets.

Aircraft modellers will be looking on, unimpressed.

“We do this all the time”, they say.

PSC Steyr heavy car sidecut assembled

” …. and this. It’s part of the fun”, they say¹.

So the end result was this handsome pair of kits. Was it worth it? Yes. Will I do it again now that resin printed models are available? No.

Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Steyr 1500A Kfz.70 with Peter Pig crew

  1. Don’t google anything with “clamps” and “fun” in the same sentence unless the family filter is on. Just saying.



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Not Quite Apocalyptic

I have been following Imperial Rebel Ork’s post-apocalyptic tree house  (yes really!) with some interest. So as the UK virus apocalypse is not quite as exciting, and needs fewer handguns, I thought that it was time for Shed du Soleil to get an upgrade.

Essentially, this is just a long-winded way of saying that I have extended the veranda canopy by a couple of feet, and run a cloister along the side of the wall. It is a proper cloister, with spandrels and a tension half-hammer beam that is only possible due to the lightweight polycarbonate roof, and which is there to provide stiffening under tension if wind tries to get under the roof and lift it off.

As usual, cowboybuilders.co.uk did the job by moonlight, with their wobbly ladders. A neighbour was throwing a front door away, so it went down to the Tank Shed (Shed 24). I’m in the process of moving the French doors to the front of the sitting out area to make it weathertight. The hobbit next to the shed is under scale aged about 7. With true-scale modelling, your bits box just takes up more space and the figures won’t stand still to be photographed.


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More Truescale modelling … and Panic

Another Untidy Work Surface

As everyone in the UK rushes out to look for loo rolls, I finished my Shed Roof. The logistician in me says that if the government announces that everyone should be prepared to self-isolate for two weeks, or twelve if you are over seventy, then a system that holds 4-7 days of stock in the supply chain is going to struggle until the unmet demand is satisfied.

Not Quite Orthogonal

Not Quite Orthogonal

Fortunately, the over-seventies are all on the hunt for rich tea biscuits and canned Fray Bentos steak pies, so it hasn’t impacted on our weekly shop for fresh vegetables yet. Someone has already worked out that eggs keep for a long time out of the fridge, so they are a bit thin on the ground. I did some homework by rewatching Day of the Triffids and the excellent Korean documentary, Kingdom.¹ The American rush to the gun stores suddenly makes sense if MHG’s prediction of Zombies are realised.

Zombie Apocalypse Kingdom

The British obsession with loo rolls makes sense too, for a nation of dog lovers: One Andrex Puppy loose in the airing cupboard, and that’s half of your stash gone, with no hope of replacement.

Of course, the weather was unrelentingly wet, windy and cold for the majority of the build, but it turned fine for the last two days of bitumen painting and felting, so did not hold progress up unduly. I am now the proud owner of a pitched roof, turning Shed du Soleil into something more resembling a beach hut. Roll on summer!

You Can see my Shed from Here

You Can see my Shed from Here. The Fields of Fire are Still Excellent!

  1. Away from the headlines and Twitter storms, the NHS primary care system is clearing the decks of routine appointments and the normal focus on preventative medicine, to be better able to cope with the peak of the epidemic. Inevitably, this means that some conditions not preventatively treated now, will need more intensive reactive treatment later. If you were thinking of having a traffic accident or falling off a wobbly ladder, now would be a bad time to do it. Ignore the mainstream media focus on secondary care, the government has got it broadly right in its approach.


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Don’t Panic Captain Mainwaring! …. and suchlike stuff.

In these Apocalyptic times with storms plagues and pestilence sweeping in from the east and west simultaneously, the only thing to do is to go on a panic buying spree. This causes difficulties, as I have boxes full of plastic kits, enough porridge, rice and flour to feed several dinner parties, and we use cleaning products all the time, so feel no need to go out to panic-buy these exotic products.

The weather came to my rescue. Storms have names now, in a misguided attempt to make them more human, in a sort of get-to-know-you-and-blow-your-house-down fashion. The names given to storms are, frankly uninspiring. We name our own, so after storms Donald, Eggnog and Furioso had stomped through our garden, it was time to inspect Shed du Soleil, which was looking unperturbed.

Closer inspection revealed spongy patches and small tears in the bitumen, so the roof was stripped down to the base. Sure enough, the doors that I had originally used to roof the shed with, had deteriorated over twenty years and needed replacing. A quick trip to the builder’s merchant followed and cowboybuilders.co.uk swung into action on another wobbly ladder job.

Of course, it was still raining, so by the end of the day, the roofline looked like this. My builder’s website has gone dead and he is not answering his mobile phone. Should I be worried?


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