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Light Box

Seeing someone’s light box on their blog, prompted me to buy one online. For the princely sum of about £12, this neat little origami cube came with six coloured backdrops, a USB cable that powers an LED strip, and a carry bag.

203 mm howitzer M1931 (B-4) Finished

My indoor photos have suddenly improved. About time too! I can hear the relieved sighs of patient folk who have been putting up with my blurry badly lit photos for years. Judge for yourself.

B-4 203mm Howitzer and Komintern Tractor


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Review – Paint and Glue Miniatures T-20 Komsomolets Artillery Tractor

P&GM T-20 Komsololets with PP 45mm Anti Tank gun

The Paint and Glue Miniatures T-20 Komsomolets artillery Tractor is a handy little model that comes with separate tracks and a finely detailed MG that is quite fragile. The tracks glue on squarely with good detail, and the gun is easily replaced by drilling it out and adding a brass or stretched sprue replacement. Originally produced as an armoured tractor for towing 45mm antitank guns, 120mm mortars and 76mm regimental guns, the Komsomolets was neither fast nor well armoured, but it did the job.

100 examples were produced as the ZIS-30 with a 57mm antitank gun mounted on the back. As the tractor was smaller than the universal carrier, which itself struggled with a 2pdr on the back, firing was a lively affair for the crew. Nevertheless it gave useful service around LENINGRAD, and the T-20 soldiered on with 6,700 entering the war, and about 1,668 surviving until 1942. 1048 units were still around in Jan 1943, staying in service in dwindling numbers until the end of the war.

Mine will go to the Rifle Corps as prime movers for antitank and mortars.


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