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PSC Universal Carriers, and FoW India Pattern Carrier – WIP


The Universal Carrier was the workhorse that grew out of the pre-war tankette programmes, and which survived when the tankettes became outclassed by heavier tanks. It found its niche as a light-armoured personel carrier, being superceded in the British army by the US-produced M3 half track, and eventually by the FV432; but not before some 113,000 had been built according to Wickipedia.

PSC have produced a game-changer with their 15mm box of 9 carriers. The variations available have cracked open the market, with a plethora of spare crew and accessories to use after your preferred choice of model has been built.

I doubt if many gamers will be building seven FOO versions straight out of the box – but you can if you want to, and that is the strength of this offering. In price and flexibility they knock the spots of everyone’s resin offerings; okay, so you have to stick them together. Grow a spine youngsters, you are living in the Golden Age of 15mm kit offerings!

My motley crew are undercoated, tarted up with a few extra FOOs and heading off to their artillery regiments for active service. A couple are left for a Soviet lendlease example used by the divisional scout company,  and a spare carrier for a motor rifle battalion.

That just leaves the India Pattern Carrier, a FoW resin offering that has been waiting for some Sikh crew. Spare PSC bodies from the carrier set and a couple of Peter Pig heads completed the job. Here they are in all their silver-headed glory, waiting for some paint – Raman Singh and Jamansing*. The Soviet crew in the carrier behind are from the Command Decision tank Riders, and a PP Scout Commisar.

*Jamansing is a Gurung. I’m not quite sure how he ended up in a Punjabi regiment.



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51st Highland Division

51st Highland Divisional Troops

Here is another iconic Western Desert division, if only for the seminal Airfix Universal Carrier and 6 pounder gun kit*  They arrived in time for the second battle of EL ALAMEIN


51st Highland Infantry Division

Major General Douglas Wimberley

Comd staff car (C3)

  • 126th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

    • Quad FAT + 25pdr (S3)
  • 127th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

    • Quad FAT+ 25pdr (S3)
  • 128th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

    • Quad FAT + 25pdr (S3)
  • 61st Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery

    • Universal Carrier + 6pdr (S3)

6pdr and Universal Carrier

  • 40th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery

    • Bedford QLB Limber + 40mm Bofors AA (s3)

Bedford QLB Artillery Tractor with Bofors 40mm AA Gun

  • 274th Field Company, Royal Engineers

    • Truck (L3) + optional trailer + 2 Sappers (E3)
  • 275th Field Company, Royal Engineers

    • Truck + optional trailer + 2 Sappers (E3)
  • 276th Field Company, Royal Engineers

    • Truck + optional trailer + 2 Sappers (E3)
  • 239th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers

    • Low Loader + D7 bulldozer (L3)
  • 51st Highland Division Signals

    • Signals Truck (C3)

51st Highland Division Infantry Brigades

152nd Infantry Brigade

Brigadier George Murray

Comd in staff car (C3), signals van (C3)

153rd Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Douglas Graham Comd + 3″ Mortar (C3)

154th Infantry Brigade

Brigadier Henry W. Houldsworth

*My 15mm Not Quite Airfix version of the carrier and gun is in there. No need to put your hand up again Arthur, but I’m surprised that you’ve never modelled the South Africans 🙂

** In the late ’70s a Sandhurst cadet was in our (Alamein) company. Commissioned into the Cameron and Seaforth Highlanders, his uniform was replete with kilt, sporran, epaulettes, Skein Duhb, claymore and what-not. It took him twice as long to prepare and don his clobber, even without underpants,  as us simple Sapper chaps. I expect that he will have had a batman.

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