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More Truescale modelling … and Panic

Another Untidy Work Surface

As everyone in the UK rushes out to look for loo rolls, I finished my Shed Roof. The logistician in me says that if the government announces that everyone should be prepared to self-isolate for two weeks, or twelve if you are over seventy, then a system that holds 4-7 days of stock in the supply chain is going to struggle until the unmet demand is satisfied.

Not Quite Orthogonal

Not Quite Orthogonal

Fortunately, the over-seventies are all on the hunt for rich tea biscuits and canned Fray Bentos steak pies, so it hasn’t impacted on our weekly shop for fresh vegetables yet. Someone has already worked out that eggs keep for a long time out of the fridge, so they are a bit thin on the ground. I did some homework by rewatching Day of the Triffids and the excellent Korean documentary, Kingdom.¹ The American rush to the gun stores suddenly makes sense if MHG’s prediction of Zombies are realised.

Zombie Apocalypse Kingdom

The British obsession with loo rolls makes sense too, for a nation of dog lovers: One Andrex Puppy loose in the airing cupboard, and that’s half of your stash gone, with no hope of replacement.

Of course, the weather was unrelentingly wet, windy and cold for the majority of the build, but it turned fine for the last two days of bitumen painting and felting, so did not hold progress up unduly. I am now the proud owner of a pitched roof, turning Shed du Soleil into something more resembling a beach hut. Roll on summer!

You Can see my Shed from Here

You Can see my Shed from Here. The Fields of Fire are Still Excellent!

  1. Away from the headlines and Twitter storms, the NHS primary care system is clearing the decks of routine appointments and the normal focus on preventative medicine, to be better able to cope with the peak of the epidemic. Inevitably, this means that some conditions not preventatively treated now, will need more intensive reactive treatment later. If you were thinking of having a traffic accident or falling off a wobbly ladder, now would be a bad time to do it. Ignore the mainstream media focus on secondary care, the government has got it broadly right in its approach.


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