Soviet 2nd Tank Army (FSO)

Soviet 2nd Tank Army ORBAT (FSO)


March 2019


March 2019

Using the Front Scale Orbat

2nd Tank Army HQ:

Comd Lt Gen A G Rodin (C1,L), Main HQ (C3,L), 11GdTk Bde (F3,H), 87 M/c Recce Bn (R1,L), 375 Eng Bn (E1,H), Log (L3,L), Medical (L3,Noncom), Log (L3,L).

3 TkCorps:

Comd  (C1,L), 57 MotRifle Bde (F3,L), 50 Tk Bde (F3,M), 51 Tk Bde (F3,M), 103 Tk Bde (F3,M), 103 M/c Recce Bn (R1,L), 90 Pnr Bn (E1,H), 234 120mm Mor Bn (C3,M), 881 Mot Atk Regt 45mm (C3,L), 728 Mot 85mm AA Regt (C3,M), 126 Gd Mor Regt BM-31 300mm (C3,H), 85mm AA Regt? (C3,M)

16 TkCorps:

Comd  (C1,L), 15 MotRifle Bde (F3,L), 107 Tk Bde (F3,M), 109 Tk Bde (F3,M), 164 Tk Bde (F3,M), 51 M/c Recce Bn (R1,L), 205 Pnr Bn (E1,H), 266 120mm Mor Bn (C3,M), 614 Mot Atk Regt 45mm (C3,L), 729 Mot 85mm AA Regt (C3,M), 89 Gd Mor Regt BM-31 300mm (C3,H), 85mm AA Regt? (C3,M), Su-122/152mm (F3,H)

May 2015

Soviet Infantry Army (May 2015)

Divisional Commander, Gaz AA truck

3 120mm mortars with two-horse limbers, 76mm ZiS-3 divisional gun and STZ-5 tractor, 2 122 mm howitzer M1910/30 with two-horse limbers, 3 MMG

Regimental HQ: Commander, commisar, 45mm anti-tank gun, 82mm mortar, anti-tank rifle

6 Infantry battalions: Commander, MMG, 3 rifles

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